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    Account cleared

    Hi, I had a break since end of December 2018 when I froze my account and few days ago I tried to log in on the website but "wrong password" error popped up. I reset it and after logging in all my characters are gone. I never shared my password with anyone and I never did anything against rules that would end up with deleting my characters. I seriously cannot afford to spent at least 3000 Sunwell Coins to recover my characters (6 x 80 lvl and some lower lvl alts on Feronis & Angrathar). I really wanna play again, help me
  2. Shamazia

    [Report Ninjalooting] Valo

    Your name - Nilda Reported player's name - Valo Date - 14.11.2018 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting Description - I was 3rd in roll, as a warrior fury, for mail boots from ToC 25n Valkyrs - before me was shaman and retri pala. Both of them passed the loot, but still raid leader gave the boots to last person in roll - hunter. At the begging of the raid, leader mentioned only about loot being MS > OFF and trinkets after last boss. When asked why I didn't get it, since it's BiS item for me, he said that the leather boots are better and ended discussion. There was no "raid leader has the final word about loot" rule either. Evidence -
  3. Shamazia

    Bladestorm on disarm ??

    So I just played bg where disarmed warrior was still bladestorming... I'm not sure where should I report this (if this is some kind of cheat or a bug) but I'm rather sure this shouldn't be a thing :D
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