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  1. Been watching for some time, like you increased the spawning but way to much making profesions useless 1 of the things that you failed at. I think its should be right time to fix this and value the time players spent farming. Best would be have the time on veins spawning somewhere middle from what it was on start and what it is now. this can make nice balance. Other stuff where you failed after server restart you nerf to the ground drop of mote from fel iron and this is something that ruins the profesions as those things are needed and they were drops from fel iron even in retail. Only thing i can see this is you make yet an other favor to those players with p2w elements to have monopoly as they are lvl 70 and they can sell now stuff easy and farmed lot in past days. Now that you made money from Bizzano players and the legit way that is approved by the players the xp boost it is time to let ppl play. Am certain this is not a bug that i should report and it is intentionally made cause when i talked with MRCULE he said it is no way for you guys to increase the drop of eternium to make it blizlike but now you nerf mote so after all you can influence on drops from mining.... So legit question now do you rly think we are fools or what, i see so much irony and disrespect towards the community from your side guys/ I rly hope you will fix this so we can have normal game play
  2. Sonnelion

    2nd Server Maybe ?

    you wont have 10k ppl... lot of ppl rage quited and server still has problems , there were barely 4k ppl today. By the time some other tbc server open if comunity is annoyed as they are, there wont be ppl even for 1 full server. Sad reality. They have to wipe server once they fix stuff and we see this as prolonged beta or stress test And get back to play. So many things happen in past 2 days.
  3. Sonnelion

    will you wipe the server?

    W me on discord i can sent it to private message. In case you are part of the Nightbane team,. That video is material to either ban full Bizzano and go clear from that shady mess they are in, introduce that payment option for every1 if it rly exist and find who from their team is envolved cause at least 1 is.
  4. Sonnelion

    will you wipe the server?

    if they still wanna keep their good image and credibility they should. Especially after certain guild with benefit video got public. It is low and shameful even for the worst servers. Not lvl 30 , there are almost lvl 50 ppl, that say in video as they stream they payed , they have to be ingame , benefits of a streamer ect. While 99,9% of the community has huge problems and i feel been idiot that my time isn't respected. Dredd even makes jokes thinking he is funny, insulting us on discord even more.
  5. I dont want to sent negative adverb on the server like rest of the ppl that may not even play here. besides been obvious due to some always been online and Dredd call ppl you can t log in because 7-10k ppl want to log in. Now i have even a video confirming this and i know there is someone in the team envolved with bizzano if not all. Not gonna play dirty to link them videos here but its not even some1 or 7 someone's from bizzano been extra lucky. We have video prof. They telling they have paid. So i want if developer team really isn t involved in this to fix stuff, ban abusers, clear who ever is paid to let them in as they say that on the video i seen. And make things better for the 99.9% of the community that just want to play.
  6. Sonnelion

    1 day cap @ 58.

    If things are not set up properly server will wipe up anyway. Community wont stay on server when there are shady things and team is ignorant. There are after all other servers coming online very soon. Now if they ll do the right thing or not is up to them but the fact is at least 90% of the community that wanted to play here is beyond annoyed. So ye wipe out, mostly will lose those who used some shady stuff background. Some of us that get lucky to even play little to get lvl 20 or nearly wont matter much if server is reopen and its good its few hours of normal play VS the whole day we already lost pressing enter. Hard cap at 58 for a week while they fix things and increase leveling speed so when ever some1 logs can take several levels to cover for his w8 time is also a solution.
  7. Ok so, first of all am no warmane player nor i have some connection to NW like i believe many have that want to see the server not been good but the truth is beside having nice codes, skripts, nice overall experience the server still isn't good due to your miscalculations, problems with login, bugs such as that cooking fire that those players explot having 500 spirit for less down time, shady things the whole community saw happening with certain ppl been able to level every time always first on the server while other players can not connect. Am someone who is GM of an ally guild on this server with nearly 100 players Hollow and we still want to play on the server but not under this shameful opening and shady things going background so i would ask you nicely to consider all that has been done, punish players who cheated and obviously once who allowed them to do so, so you can repair your image before you lose credibility and force us as a guild the majority of it anyway still huge number of players, as well as many others that feel the same way as we do. You can easy spot who is bellow lvl 15 and was unlucky to log in, who is near lvl 20-25 that was like me little lucky to join on the very realise and later on this bad karma got me as well and those who are all in same guild , that abuse bugs , and we are certain they had some kind of help from some1. If there was a pay method as some ppl talk on your discord and you have been ignorant giving some stupid announcements ( will get to that later as i must comment 1-2 of those insulting the community iq ) you could have let more of us use it even for money as some of us do respect our time and we lost a whole day. Now some of your announcements were very insulting for your own community. Dredd '' we will make 1 day cap at lvl 58 '' so those who some1 helped been online all the time can go back and level proffesions and gank ppl around. Very good idea what a smart person why no1 even think of that. No No No. That wont fix will even make things worst. 2 solutions you have to fix all this mess that you created: - Wipe the server and re open it properly after you fix it. Many of us will stay and play it regardless if it takes you even few days to fix all stuff. - increase the lvl speed since you guys already fucked vanila part for 99,9% of the community , add 5-7 days cap to 58 so every1 can feel they are on same level. And use those days to fix those problems.Because at this point you have 0 respect for the time that each of us is spending playing/supporting your project. The shady things we all saw and your discord is so spam with those am not even gonna comment here 7-8 Bizano players and you can find someone who is at your team that allow them to abuse if the whole team is no part of this. Not gonna use ingame screenshots no point to add them here for everyone but players that actually play on the server see and know. I really hope you fix this things before you lose majority of the community that you had and show that you still have credibility and will to make things properly. Would be so sad if you guys play at NW or some other server favor after you got so much hype and support. Will give you room not gonna spam you, nor sent further more critics even that am beyond annoyed for everything i saw so far and nothing is positive at all nor i saw a clear will from your part to fix things as we know and believe you guys can. Will w8 and see how things will play out and talk once more with my guildies and make our call as the heavy majority of our team are not happy with all this and we are already considering to stop bother and w8 the new server if something fast isn't solved. I believe many other ppl will also leave not because they love NW or some other server/project but because you decided to play ignorant and not listen even beside all this mess is after all your fault for not been prepared.
  8. Sonnelion

    1 day cap @ 58.

    This is a pure bulshit 1 day cap when 99% of the community cant even play and certain players from Bizzano , i dont know if they paid or they have gms playing are always online. If this shady things continue they ll be left with that 1% of the community and when next server opens that is TBC will be the end of this. There is still time so i hope they can fix all this problems , all this shady work that is happening behind the scene when players trying to log in and same ppl already been 45+ while some can t even log and every reset those same ppl easy get online. The only solution from here is close server for day or two , or even a week., fix all those issue and give us clean fresh start without shady stuff or if we have to pay to play at least to like Warmane so players can have that option. Otherwise i see expiering date on this server been when next tbc server opens ppl will just go there. My guild nearly 100 ppl all willing to play here and even be on ally side to balance ratio. But we are all beyond annoyed with what you guys doing and especially your ignorance on discord.
  9. Sonnelion

    <Hollow> Alliance EU English

    Update: We accept exceptional players for PVE ( healers/DPS preferably range or can be melee with tank OS ) Any PVP class ( heavy demand on more healers/rogues ) Social/Weekend players are welcome to join us aswell. I can not promise first 2-3 months to have organised activities for more casual players other that they can join HC and instance or even BG or Raid when we miss someone from our regular roster. Later when we will get alts up , they will be able to even raid weekends with us.
  10. Sonnelion

    Community poll for xp rate change

    x2 is decent speed , players that will go for server first will rush, if you aint one of those players that can play 16h a day than you should enjoy the game really, its not big of a deal to be server first on a private server for a 12 year old content. It will create a diversity on the server and have lot of players in every bracket of levels within few days that is also great and the struggle to hit a mob first will be on the very start only. Also x2 leveling speed corespondent nice with x1 loot table cause this wont be one of those servers i read about dropping huge amount of gear to make gold there for gold will have some value as well as the epic patterns later ingame. That bonus speed wont be able to be used on start as it will create p2w element but it will be nice to buy it as an option to faster level up an alt and that is something i really like and gonna use it for sure. Also using it on alt doesn t create a problem as i already have gold on my main to help that alt learn spells get mount ect. New players later can also use this to catch up faster only they will need to chose what spells they are gonna learn and not learn all spells that you aint even using.
  11. Sonnelion

    Xp rates

    If server has huge amount of population dynamic respawn on herbs and ore will be nice to make it posible for all those players to be able to grind otherwise will be very hard for players to level up profesions.
  12. Sonnelion

    Faction imbalance

    It does change things ever since the announcement was made. Alliance ratio was little above 30% on 2 surveys now is 46% on almost 1k players vote sample. It had 1 ally guild vs 7 horde now on the topic there are 5 ally and 8 horde so it is working towards providing balance. As i said earlier ally needed something to give them permanent benefit not just early game leveling speed. To sum: Dual talents for ally 500 gold is something that stays permanent with option if server is balanced to be implemented a way for horde players to get it later in game, it is also something of a permanent buff that can match if there is lower population on ally side as well as horde racial been better. x3 Ally leveling speed is removed and horde has same chance to level as fast as ally and compete and there is no need for ally to level faster now that some kind of balance will be provided zones will be a true PVP and not a massacre so it is in favor of the server. Ally will still have weekends that will get little more leveling xp that can help more towards 50-50 balance when new ppl see there is some kind of balance on server and ally get something extra in leveling speed and other perk to compensate for late game as well as making alts so its fair in my eyes. This does not also change the game for the horde cause they are not limited how many players can be online at a time, they still have better racials and same speed leveling that they are gaining with this and did not had with previous set of perks in ally favor so they will be on even ground with ally when it comes to leveling and early raiding. They benefit of having less time w8ing in que for pvp if the server is balanced. They will have enough big population and probably still be majority but by way smaller % so they will have tanks and healers to go HC's and raids with. And with all this ally gain something without horde lose anything and its working so far very nice. All and all very good job to Sunwell team for doing all this to provide us with nice server that will also be faction balanced.
  13. Sonnelion

    Faction imbalance

    The developer team already made a bold move towards balance without touching racial, make horde que login or giving any buffs that were not in tbc. There is already increasing numbers on ally side that will for sure provide towards balance and its great. I think this topic won't be needed much anymore and all players that consider this server please vote to the survey on discord posted by MRCULE it will be of a huge help to see the changes towards the balance and every vote is important.
  14. Sonnelion

    <Hollow> Alliance EU English

    <Hollow> (Alliance EU) is semi hardcore raiding guild recruiting active and good PVE players for nice progression as well as having nice time together. Guild goal will be to clear everything in TBC but won't be going after server first, if it happen due to players quality we will do it but not at cost of real life. Like myself I expect other players to also have real life work/family and other responsibilities. Beside been a good raiding guild we are aswell PVP oriented guild and we have lot of experienced PVP players and will be lot of world PVP, Arenas, Premade BGs ect. Raiding days: Wed/Mon for 25 man Thur/Sun for several Kara groups. Raiding hours: 20:00 - 23:00 raid inv start 19:45 Other days will be heavy with instances, heroics, bg , world pvp Weekends can be organised even additional PVP activities beside premade BG's , maybe even attack on horde cities. Alt raiding later as well. Interested players can join the guild discord and ask any questions. If you are considering ally side or if you haven't decided yet our guild can offer you all aspects of the game and good/friendly/organised community that has good pvp,pve and social members.
  15. Sonnelion

    Neutral ( not decided yet )

    <Hollow> is semi hardcore EU raiding guild recruiting active and good PVE players for nice progression as well as having nice time together. Guild goal will be to clear everything in TBC but won't go for server first, if it happen due to players quality we will do it, but not at cost of real life. Like myself I expect other players will also have real life : work/family and other responsibilities. In other words guild will be heavy PVE oriented but we will try to keep the friendly approach and nice relations inside the guild community. By the looks of server ratio and all, we will probably go horde to fully use the advantages that TBC provides for horde on long term via better dps racial and also massive recruiting possibilities when it comes to players capacity if server is horde heavier as expected. It can be changed to ally guild ONLY if there is faction que penalty due to server been heavy horde and force players to go alliance. ATM there is not a clear balance and none is forced to chose faction that will be massacred 2 or 3 to 1 while leveling or farming as well playing with a bit weaker dps racial and nothing that is given to ally is worth considering but it can still be changed if the balance is provided. What the guild expect from the raiders is always to be prepared for raids, knowing tactics, having consumables and viable specs. Most probably there will be 3 days raiding later after Kara is on farm ( 2 days will be for 25 man progression and 1 day for clearing Kara with several groups ) and raiding time can be 19:00-23:00 or 20:00 - 23:00 depends on players work and all. Will be decided according to our raiders needs. Every class and spec is needed atm but it will be changing as people join and decide what they will play, there will be updates on our guild discord. More casual and PVP players will be also welcome and if there is huge interest we can even make PVP teams for BGs and Arena. However since I am mostly PVE oriented will need someone else to organise the PVP events. Interested players can join the guild discord https://discord.gg/Zg9cg8 or if you have some more questions.
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