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  1. kohyb

    Nightbane Beta

    There are two realms. One where you start with lvl 1 and the second where you have 70lvl and NPCs where you can take equip from. Third is dev realm... so just change realm list
  2. This post is like selfie from 13yo girl seeking attention... Im not pretty and she is waiting for replies like - Its not true, you are beautiful. I dont want to play here, give a reason... what do you expect from us? Come to play here, please, server will be great and we will be lovin you :-**** , come to ali, we need balance this, you are soooo neeeded :-*** ? If you will not join the Nightbane, there will be shorter queue at start
  3. That was the dumbest suggestion I read in a while. Instead of quality of life feature (that is not that harmfull), that dont affect gameplay that much lets mess with the game / race mechanics. I dont know what others think about that, but I cant imagine / live with gnome AOE stunning someone for 2 sec by stomp :D or HUMAN using WILL OF FORSAKEN... Or nightelves instead of shadowmelting using stoneform... its just twisted What will be next? Give the ali paladin lifebloom, because they have no HOT just to attract people to ali... but noooo, nooooo dual spec, that will break the game and its stupid...
  4. kohyb

    Community poll for xp rate change

    Well yeah, it is not 14x like some servers were, but 5x rates are still to much... Just try to think about sunwell stuff. They rebuild core, they put enormous time and effort to perfect all zones, they want to offer to players great server and experience. And they will just implement 5x, so you can skip zones they put so much effort into. I was able to skip stranglethorn and hillsbrad without problems at 2x rates. You know, its like doing a cake. You are proud of that cake you baked, and someone will just rip of the chocolate topping and let the rest of the cake on the table like... just choke with the rest, I dont want that... And about proffs, on 5x you can just level without questing with skinning / leatherworking. I personally dont want that. Tailoring will become only grind for cloths, you dont need to do quests to reach 60lvl, only proffesion is enaugh but yeah, It is my problem that game was designed for not having 5x rates. And third. I would like to have 1x rates option. I have 2-3 hours to play at best daily, but I would like to have 1x, like many others. And yes, I forget about prices... I was playing on warmane (5x tbc) and the 1-60 lvl economy was just destroyed...
  5. kohyb

    Community poll for xp rate change

    What feel of TBC blizzlike at 3-5x rater? Skipping zones, world pvp (leveling in zones with less players), quests becoming obsolete quickly, hard to maintain professions on 5x rates, be under geared the whole time... I think you have no idea about what TBC was. Leveling experience is one of the main focus in this expansion... If you want high rates server, go to play on paymane :)
  6. kohyb

    Recording gameplay

    Im using GeForce experience.
  7. kohyb

    What Kind Of Class U Will Be Playing ?

    I will play as a resto shaman from the start. I leveled like that many years ago and it was quite fun and memorable. But on buggy server - many talents, quests, mechanics not working. I wonder how it would be on a server, that I believe will work great. I remember that leveling was slow, but easy instances, hard to be killed by mobs, high chance to run away from ganker or killing him/her slowly and painfully (well, when I had enough mana ) . I was able to do some group 2, group 3 quests by myself. Be able to heal all dungeons on the way and be used to class / spec. Have a decent gear to equip when lvl 70 ding... And about race... I want to help with faction balance, so I will roll big blue smurf with tentacles on the face .
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