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  1. Just a little reminder of a report that might've been overlooked. I hope You can take action in that matter.
  2. Heliox

    Does Shadow Dance Work?

    Yes, it does work. Shadow dance has its own action bar, separate from the stealth one. Dunno though why couldn't you add skills to it.
  3. Heliox

    Feronis > Agrathar transfer.

    You can just put your lvl 80 warrior transferred from feronis on black market and for the sc you'll get from selling it you will be able to purchase some other lvl 80. There's no need for making class changing feature.
  4. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Definitely not Angrathar. Even tho its not in it's best state, it's still far from dying.
  5. Heliox

    [Report] Schabel

    Your name - Heliox Reported player's name - Schabel Date - 04,05,2019 Rule that was broken - Server rule number 7 (bugging for own adventage) Description - Player Schabel was bugging Water Elemental (again) so he could use it in other specs. He did that in a battleground, so he had an unfair adventage over other players. I would like to remind that he was already punished for that - but it seems he didn't learn his lesson and is doing it again. Evidence - You can clearly see he got some arcane buffs like missile barrage, arcane empowerment and a slow on his current target, so there is no doubt he is playing arcane spec at the moment.
  6. Heliox

    Developer vs Tournament

    Development servers are for staff members only, every other player plays on the server u have chosen. You may ask, "But what does Tournament stands for?" and the answer is - I don't know, probably for nothing. It's just a random name, don't be bothered by it.
  7. Heliox

    79 twinking

    By the way, pass the link cuz i've lost it
  8. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Actually forum is the original place of all twink dramas. KIDS AND THEY STUPID NEW TECHNOLOGY, BLAH.
  9. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Let me guess, crymore? I quitted the channel cuz that wasn't even a trashtalk. Simply spamming one sentence like a madman is just boring and doesn't lead to any sensible conversation. (And I know you still spam it months after I left the channel. Are you sure you are not retarded in some way?) I can join it back if you need my attention so hard, I know you got crush on me ;*
  10. Heliox

    Alliance power

    Then either he was a complete retard or afk, cuz I dueled your warrior and boy, you suck.
  11. Heliox

    Alliance power

    First time seeing a twink beating an 80? Well, that's probably rare within Fatality. By the way, don't you have any achievements yourself? You have to brag about how good your guildmates are?
  12. Heliox

    79 twinking

    No, we can't. We lack numbers and going solo queue ends in playing with half the amount of twinks horde has. Whether it's WSG or any other bg it's always the same nowadays. And since IoC is 40 man bg, we just can't do much, considering you can easly get 20 or even more twinks inside bg without any premades. And just to clarify things, i was in queue for IoC whenever i was logged, so don't unleash your hate on me.
  13. Heliox

    Alliance power

    >rekt >fatality pick one XDD
  14. Heliox

    Arrogant and rude GM treatment

    I saw Your appeal, gm should at least provide some info how those "tests" works, so u can defend yourself. Because saying "I have some imaginary test, which u failed, so im banning your account" doesn't really sound professional.
  15. Heliox

    No Addon Option Available

    Check, if the addon is not inside some folder created while extracting files. It has to look like this
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