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  1. Heliox

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    So maybe this will convince you. Brained is boneripper, right? 30s after emotes some1 suddenly has the urge to insult Vivace (these screens are his) from a lvl 1 character. HMM WHO COULD IT BE?
  2. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Yes, its Boneripper. "please BONE taunt me gogogo full premade i want win". He didn't even try to hide that.
  3. Heliox

    79 twinking

    I wouldn't be so sure of that. Even if you just play for fun, seems like your members don't. And its them who provoked this situation, just a day before I posted those screens. Ofc that's just a small part of his insults, but i guess that proves the point.
  4. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Two members of fatality in their natural habitat, standing politely on graveyard, while others fight. Couldn't take a flag on faps so no point in playing, right? And you boneripper dare to call other guilds trash? Please, don't make me laugh.
  5. Heliox

    [Report] Schabel

    Your name - Heliox Reported player's name - Schabel Date - 04,03,2019 Rule that was broken - Server rule number 7 (bugging for own adventage) Description - Player "Schabel" was constantly playing battlegrounds with his water elemental pet from frost talent tree, despite having fire talents. Evidence - First screen perfectly shows his pet and by looking at his buffs we can see "Blazing Speed" as well as "Impact" (also Blast Wave on Aesa cooldown tracker). Other screens arent so good as an evidence of his crimes, but I put them here just to show that he hadn't done it once.
  6. Heliox

    79 twinking

  7. Heliox

    79 twinking

  8. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Yup. In being a cancer u surpass even Ssijek.
  9. Heliox

    79 twinking

    You dumbass, I'm not even horde.
  10. Heliox

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    7 man premade vs some lvlers and they left? Extraordinary indeed.
  11. Heliox

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    Strong words from someone who doesn't even have the guts to accept a duel 🙂
  12. Heliox

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    We learn from the best :')
  13. Heliox

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