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  1. Cuz gm responded in that topic claiming that they're still woking on it. But its seems he deleted his post XDDDD Fine for me, hope this trash server die soon.
  2. Heliox

    79 twinking

    DB is in the same dying state as sunwell, no point in starting there.
  3. Heliox

    79 twinking

    From what I know they're playing on warmane, the x7 one.
  4. Heliox

    79 twinking

    Sadly, it's a waste of time
  5. " They're working on it. ". What else do you need to see? Individual quests/talents/dungeons they've scripted? Simple answer - no.
  6. Heliox

    Save the Sunwell

    ^If i can interact with them by doing quests together I'm pretty sure they're not. Are there bots on warmane? Probably. Does that change the fact that it's an enormous wotlk server? Nope.
  7. Heliox

    Save the Sunwell

    ^Do u even read what other wrote or u just randomly post your wisdoms? I know that they don't have 12k online players but still they've got MUCH more than sunwell.
  8. Heliox

    Save the Sunwell

    You completely missed the point and your response doesn't make sense.
  9. Heliox

    Save the Sunwell

    Where? On Sunwell? XDD I guess u never saw "tons of ppl". And you should care about starting zones, cuz that indicates that there are new players starting their journey on the server. If there are none, or nonsignificant amount, that means the server is dying, cuz current players will eventually stop playing.
  10. Heliox

    Save the Sunwell

    Never said there are 12k players playing simulatenously, but its a fact that they have multiple times bigger population than sunwell. Just log in and wander around, even in the starting zones there are tons of players, while on sunwell there are pretty much... none.
  11. Heliox

    Save the Sunwell

    *cough* Warmane *cough* (don't get me wrong, I'm not approving to change rates anyhow, just bringing up an example)
  12. Heliox

    Reset Angrathar

    Never said it will. I'm just saying that blaming low online on summer only is ridiculous. I still don't know where do u guys get those numbers from. Everyone who wants to keep playing on Angrathar always exaggerate online population, while Monday - Friday there are less than 1k for the most of the day. And getting data only from Saturday evening to post how many players server got is just simply lying about actual server state.
  13. Heliox

    Reset Angrathar

    Population dropped by over 2k in peak hours. That must be the most exciting summer in the history of human kind then.
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