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  1. davekoznicki

    please read

    guys you are right at all but FIRST there will be no gm answer,SECOND there will be no staff action,and in end yes this will end in only one style... anyone who want fast lvl go warmane anyone who want long run to 70 will take atlantiss and in end there will be SOON 😛 classic where i think every person who want play 100% working 100% secure and 100% populated servers will go.
  2. davekoznicki

    Items prices Gruul (ID - reset 28.02)

    any more raids loot? possible? ssc or tk
  3. davekoznicki

    Black Market - Description!

    yes you can:) i dont know 60 is possible but you can sell and buy
  4. davekoznicki

    Race change

  5. davekoznicki

    New player in TBC

    yep becouse its Polish majority realm, better tell why its bad for you?
  6. davekoznicki

    Alterac Valley Marks

    i realy want this becouse now its ......
  7. davekoznicki

    Alterac Valley Marks

    seen many AV not only at AV weekends on many 60 lvl servers and yep vanilla av gives better gear compare to wotlk or tbc, but still without av people cant get gear without gear they cant start pvp. my solution and its need be added fast mark vendor even if we are now not on this patch..
  8. davekoznicki

    Fake online.

    Like always we can talk but we never see any moderator answer:) but good they not delete this topic:P from my observation there is some truth,people play pve? or ..... i remember back in days when sunwell gives video profs about icecrown fake population i need search this and test same way here
  9. davekoznicki

    Fake online.

    very interesting,every week online drop on site as i monitor ,but "fake online " must check this,hmm now 3 k online and i see some 70lvls bg start eye and wsg atm i mean at night. and sorry but on screen i dont see any prof but like i say i will check this.
  10. davekoznicki

    Core fix?

    ok forum is not place for this........ game(tickets) also....... them we need put bugs on github and start pray it will be fixed "Soon". Problem is github where almost none player watch,post and see how many bugs have server now and how far is from stable and working TBC experience. Problem is if we now have that amount of official bugs and silent bugs that no one care to post on github why the hell beta was not extended. Cant now find sunwell youtube videos where we can watch upcoming Nightbane server where everything is ok And tell me nimeralos where are staff when people complain about hackers on Angrathar at forum ,where they are when people try and post constructive posts on forum about repair H/A ratio on TBC i can talk all day There are 0 none answers in this topics its SAD,many ppl want only answer... we see .... we monitor this...... we will try...... (yes even only try do something with this) instead we get silence Yes some people think if we not talk about problems they will disapear.......... i realy like sunwell both realms have on both chars and i want play here as long as i can but we need talk,i think forum is best place for it.....
  11. davekoznicki

    Core fix?

    1200+ bugs and many more when people make ticket in-game and get automated answer and bug stay with not even report on github 1200+ bugs and we play here there are many OP bugs like core class mechanics realy core anyone who play retail tbc see this and we dont know eta many topics on forum 0 answers 0
  12. davekoznicki

    Lack of information of MODERATOR

    syntax and i dont think even 48 hours will help there is mass topics where staff not answer anything on both servers angrathar mainly hackers and here about bugs its funny when you make ticket with bug and gm delete ticket with automated answer
  13. davekoznicki

    Amazing Server

  14. davekoznicki

    Lack of arena ques

    guys i know you have right but like angrathar we dont see any answer from staff on angrathar they not answer about scripters hackers .... everything bad at pvp, i dont think they will do it here
  15. i dont think they care;/ i not get answer in any topic.....
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