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  1. davekoznicki

    Angrathar - Important News

    Thanks @Graal for change.
  2. davekoznicki

    Angrathar: Endgame

    @Graal when we get transfers?
  3. davekoznicki

    save sunwell

    86 online ...
  4. davekoznicki

    save sunwell

    You have right @Tomcat but see no one care? except some players.... it hurts play here at nightbane from start, now only angrathar left and now i have bad feeling angrathar started get lack information from staff.
  5. davekoznicki

    Angrathar: Endgame

    When we get info?
  6. davekoznicki

    The Best Pet

    wind serpent when you have 30% + crit if not ravager
  7. davekoznicki

    Angrathar: Endgame

    Hm maybe you not read this topic,but on feronis people kill lk hc 2 times and i dont think this will hurt angrathar,im sure this will help overall playerbase if many new geared 80 help guilds in progress,also important thing , this is not transfer from anonymous realm many of angrathar players start at feronis,both realms have same staff. For me it will only help, one think i want to know is will they need to rename chars? and it will be available to all lvls or only hm 70+?
  8. davekoznicki

    Where is boss

    Thank you:)
  9. davekoznicki

    Where is boss

    Quick question to staff,where is @MrCulé where is boss,last visited January 24,now forum is like ghost town,we not see any future plans,except survey?.
  10. davekoznicki

    please read

    guys you are right at all but FIRST there will be no gm answer,SECOND there will be no staff action,and in end yes this will end in only one style... anyone who want fast lvl go warmane anyone who want long run to 70 will take atlantiss and in end there will be SOON 😛 classic where i think every person who want play 100% working 100% secure and 100% populated servers will go.
  11. davekoznicki

    Items prices Gruul (ID - reset 28.02)

    any more raids loot? possible? ssc or tk
  12. davekoznicki

    Black Market - Description!

    yes you can:) i dont know 60 is possible but you can sell and buy
  13. davekoznicki

    Race change

  14. davekoznicki

    New player in TBC

    yep becouse its Polish majority realm, better tell why its bad for you?
  15. davekoznicki

    Alterac Valley Marks

    i realy want this becouse now its ......
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