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  1. Imagine yourself developing game for 3 years and keeping game alive for few years more and server is full players like you. Unbelievable, right?
  2. There will be dual spec and deal with it, if you do not like it do not join server and gtfo. There was poll for voting and ppl mostly voted for it. If they didnt put dual spec then even more ppl would cry about it so shut up. I wish there will be option to buy some gold from server. Better pay on server and keep it alive than from private hackers via some pages. If you do not put buying gold on page there will be tons of bots farming and selling gold for money. And buying gold is not that much p2w in wow anyway. I would buy 5k gold for fast flying for example rater than farm it for months.
  3. Aledati

    Community poll for xp rate change

    There will be always players who beg for gold. Nothing will change that
  4. Aledati

    Community poll for xp rate change

    I think it will be possible to buy x3 or even x4 xp boost...am I correct?
  5. Good work, I am gonna play alliance. Dual talents wont change tbc feel at all even if you sell that option for coins/money whatever. Server must live from something and not just feed selfish ppl to play free on good servers. Important is there is no 70lvl epic item purchases with coins/money. We, all tbc fans, should be very thankfull for this server with awesome setup even if we do not like everything with this server but lets be real we didnt like everthing 10 years ago also. Nothing is perfect especially making something for hundreds of people, so we should not give this team any critics but rater say thank you!
  6. Aledati

    Opening date ?

    Thats today. We want announcement asap!
  7. Aledati

    What Kind Of Class U Will Be Playing ?

    Arraziel answer my question!
  8. Aledati

    Which faction will you play?

    Almost all PVP players will choose horde
  9. Aledati

    Estimated population at launch?

    I think much more...Many TBC fans are waiting for normal TBC server for long time...Gummy is proof for that but unfortunately blizz shut it down almost immediately. Warmane started very well with Outland server but later failed making server hard P2W and lost aprox 70% of population including me.
  10. Aledati

    What Kind Of Class U Will Be Playing ?

    Hey arazziel, did you maybe play retail on server Darkspear EU??
  11. Aledati

    T5 on launch!

    Why? Its not that much crucial like you described.
  12. Aledati

    Dark Portal opening event?

    +1 I like idea.
  13. Aledati

    Dual talents on TBC

    I am hard core TBC fan and player but dual-talents are something which this expansion trully needs. TBC is one of expansions where is huge demand of tanks and healers and being one of those is rly annoying outside of party, dungeon or raid. You can not farm, you can not quest, you can not grind and so on... I am not fan od changing much things from retail but we all should understand that we need tanks and healers and this will help for sure.
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