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    Banned - Feganlol

    Topic title: [Feganlol] (Banned by Asureuz) Feganlol: Punishment Reason: arena fixing Game Master:Asureuz Summary:Needed points, did 7 matches at 0 rating. Lost all 7 by the way. People stopped queueing so some guildies came to help. Gained 144 arena rating (not legit) but let's be honest it's irrelevant. I didn't think much of it and I want to apoligise. Got a 7 day ban and since I 99% PVE it's pretty unfortunate as our guildroster is really small and we got banned for a week. Heretic / Feganlol / Lastavica / Klikz. Could it be reduced to a day? It's my first ban ever and i've been playing since launch. Willing to pay some gold for punishment or something I don't know.. Again I apoligise, we didn't think much of it.

    [Report - Insult] Rudeec

    Your name - Feganlol Reported player's name - Rudeeec Date - 11/12/2018 Rule that was broken - Continued flaming me throughout the whole arena match. Description - Just flaming when he was losing.. I can't have these bad manners. Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/damxDzd and https://imgur.com/a/2YcQ2h2 (second post is another game)
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