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  1. Valryth

    7 days mute

    Hello, I first muted for 30 minutes, but looking back at the screenshot I noticed you spoke polish and that's a longer mute. Appeal denied.
  2. Valryth

    Chat ban

    xYou've misunderstood what I had told you. You first received a 30 minute mute, yes. But looking back at the screenshots I noticed that you spoke in polish, which results in a longer mute for the player. Appeal denied.
  3. Valryth

    Muted Ongulczagi

    You were muted because you had spoken polish in a public chat. The use of polish language in such a chat results in a longer mute. The raid also hadn't been polish only since there were a multitude of players who had reported you and other players in the raid. Appeal denied
  4. Valryth

    [Wardoom] (banned by Asureuz)

  5. Valryth

    Kuakertupu banned by Valryth

    Botting was done from the same ip of your other chars. Appeal denied.
  6. Valryth

    Flagsteeler (Banned by Tide)

  7. Valryth

    banned by Valryth

    Appeal accepted
  8. Valryth

    pacientulone banned by Valryth

    It was really clear that you used a bot. The fact you have one arm doesn't make you not able to react to a mob which has a buff on it that makes it invulnerable and you hitting it forever. Appeal denied
  9. Valryth

    pacientulone banned by Valryth

    Can you please post your in-game name in your post?
  10. Valryth

    Opalekcz banned Valryth

    That isn't much of an appeal, you were clearly botting. You kept doing dots exactly on timer and were wanding your target. Even though it had a buff on it that made it so it couldn't die. Appeal denied
  11. Valryth

    Fanatic - banned by Valryth

    Appeal accepted.
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