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    bt when

    bt when
  2. Shurf

    Server is almost dead

    I was at Kael last night and noticed that melees can break the pyroblast cast even when Kael in his absorbing sheild, isnt thats a bug? As i remember important part of encounter is to break that sheild and only after that u can interrupt cast, otherway tank going to die, huh?
  3. Hello, you`re already closed one topic, so i would like to clarify few things. I was trying to connect with you in private messages at forum or discord, but it wasnt successfull. For the form: Character Name:Shurf(Nihtbane) Punishment Reason:Gold selling Game Master:Crafty First of all, to be clear and avoid any missunderstanding: i am Shurf, owned of the account, i was playing Nightbane with multiple chars. My friend (to whom i gave my account since quit WOTLK realm with TBC release) was playing lvl 80 paladin, which was on the same account with TBC chars. So thats why he made a topic and was suprised cuz of ban. This is absolutely truth, you can appvove it by loggin history or whatever you have there, me and person who played Paladin at WOTLK living in a different countries. And for last half year i have maybe 3-4 logs over hundreds of his. As i already told in Discord: "Hello Crafty! Just got a ban on multiple accounts, the reason given is "Goldsellers". Sorry guys, guilty. For the first time in my life I decided to buy (not selling) from familiar players, not through the site or shops. It is foolish to deny my guilt, I want to ask for a mitigation of punishment, because for the first time I get a ban. I have been playing on your servers for a long time (WOTLK and TBC), many times I reported on bugs and hackers, I participated in testing TBC before launching. I am ready to incur punishment, but I ask you to return the chars, a lot of time and effort has been spent, and a great desire to play on. I would like to ask you for decrease ban time, removing whatever you want from my account, i ready to pay for restore my accounts, donate to project. Really sorry, please dont destroy my career here :C" I feel myself like a double retard now cuz of that situation. But still, you can double-check everything and make sure that i didnt sell anything to anyone. My fault was to buy gold, i appologize for that mistake and ensure that i wouldnt happend ever again. If you have any questions - we can speak in discord via chat or voice. As i said above already, i really like this project and were trying to put my efforts to make it better, thats why i am still here and trying to fix mistake.
  4. Shurf

    TBC - гільдія

    ты шо крейзi?
  5. Shurf

    Шаманы в БК

    все три спека популярны и полезны. Самый востребованный - рестор, потом энх, потом элем.
  6. Shurf

    Новый TCB

    Кто-нибудь планирует врываться на Найтбейн? Ищу друзяшек или гильдию, предпочитаю семи-хардкор ПВЕ.
  7. Shurf

    Hellground Players, Let's connect

    I guess Tomcat was warrior, no? And rogue that u wrote was in guild Revenge? I guess we played together
  8. Shurf

    Hellground Players, Let's connect

    Shurf warrior / Auviance hunter / Roadrunnerx at gaymane server
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