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  1. Shurf

    TBC - гільдія

    Ну шо там спiльнота?
  2. Hey Anfall, exactly this dominating at BGs in result making all horde destroy every single alliance player leveler in world. You caused that. I made 3 alts already and all of them was part-boosted on BGs at 70-79 bracket (horde side ofc) and each time i was playing warsong we had 1 tops 2 players who willing to play and rest just afk and run into the wall. Actualy many of them not even ressurecting and staying somewhere as ghost. Its all because you meet like 5-6 twinks which is impossible to kill as a normal player, even if he is geared and somehow skilled. So ppl just stand still. Idk how many horde twinks there are atm, but back to 1-2 weeks ago there was 2-8 twinks on EACH warsong for alliance side and maximum 1 for horde side, and most of the time we had none. Horde AFKing not because they want to afk, they do it just because there is no option to fight. This situation ridiculous and similar to fighting with knife vs tank. In case of that you just ruining game experience for many players, especially the newcomers. As it was mentioned before - at 3.2.0 was implemented twink system by blizzard, which made their own bracket for players who lock exp, so thats a great solution and should be done here. I have my own twink now and would be happy to play vs equal players instead of raping these ones who litteraly getting oneshoted each time. If you really want to play and not just abuse your power vs weakest players - you`ll always find fun and opportunity to play at these separated que. This is also similar to arena rating brackets btw, if you are 1500 pve geared newbie you shouldnt meet 2,2k players and be farmed from them. Cheers
  3. Playing 24/7 BGs as overgeared twinks vs lowlevel ungeared fresh levelers, cap of skill 🤣
  4. Shurf

    Server is almost dead

    I was at Kael last night and noticed that melees can break the pyroblast cast even when Kael in his absorbing sheild, isnt thats a bug? As i remember important part of encounter is to break that sheild and only after that u can interrupt cast, otherway tank going to die, huh?
  5. Shurf

    TBC - гільдія

    ты шо крейзi?
  6. Shurf

    Шаманы в БК

    все три спека популярны и полезны. Самый востребованный - рестор, потом энх, потом элем.
  7. Shurf

    Новый TCB

    Кто-нибудь планирует врываться на Найтбейн? Ищу друзяшек или гильдию, предпочитаю семи-хардкор ПВЕ.
  8. Shurf

    Hellground Players, Let's connect

    I guess Tomcat was warrior, no? And rogue that u wrote was in guild Revenge? I guess we played together
  9. Shurf

    Hellground Players, Let's connect

    Shurf warrior / Auviance hunter / Roadrunnerx at gaymane server
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