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  1. Adrestia

    Banned for no reason on discord

    Hey there, Ex-Senior GM Adrestia here, just checking in to see how y'all are doing. I had an alt discord account that was in no way tied to my Old GM account banned on your discord for doing nothing other than helping people and stating I didn't want to be a GM for sunwell. I feel like this was wrong and petty, (shout out to whoever did it, good on you!) and I'd like the ban to be lifted so I can continue to help people that your staff is ignoring or doesn't have time to answer. Thanks Ex Gm Adrestia ❤️
  2. Adrestia

    Ninja loot

    Greetings! While he may have been a tank in the previous karazan you ran with him, he was healing in that one, making it his main spec at the time. Sorry you lost an offspec item. Regards
  3. Adrestia

    blame in general chat [TOYMACHINE]

    Greetings! Please ignore this player, he will be unable to whisper you or make any further obscene comments. Be aware that this is the Nightbane section of the forums, not angrathar. in the future, please try to post in the correct section so your report can be handled in a timely manner. Regards
  4. Adrestia

    Ninja loot

    I agree that this is ninja looting. While he might have rolled and won the cloak fairly, he did not equip it and does not have it equipped- it was likely sold. The ninja should be punished, 7d ban. and the item should be removed from his inventory.
  5. Adrestia

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Omfgurpwned

    Opinion 2: This does look like ninja to me as well, but due to the fact that I cannot see the item being rolled for on your rolls screenshot it cannot be proven. Do you have another screenshot with the item being rolled included in the picture?
  6. Adrestia

    Banned? :)

    Yes, banned. You admitted to selling gold on our public discord, after banning you, you posted actual advertisements on a guild's discord and attempted to sell 3450 gold on Nier's account. You're staying banned.
  7. Adrestia

    71. Eronoyus

    This is for sure a case of ninja, even if they didn't want to give the cloak to the hunter that won the roll ( due to him rolling late, which is understandable) the cloak should have gone to the second highest roller, Drippz. The leader took it for himself, therefore ninjaing it. The cloak should be removed, and the leader should be banned for a week, in addition to being added to the ninja list for a month.
  8. Adrestia

    Banned by Iskyl

  9. Adrestia

    Namster banned by Iskyl

  10. Adrestia

    discord appeal Juho / kevinturtle

    Greetings! It appears as though you were banned by mistake- you've been unbanned! Please be sure to read our discord rules in #read-first and if you have any questions feel free to message me
  11. Adrestia


    Hey! In addition to Waht @Naevys said, we don't unban gold sellers, There's no chance for appeal once you sell gold on sunwell. You are of course, free to level a new character.
  12. Adrestia

    Char transfer from other server

    This is not something we offer at this time, sorry.
  13. Adrestia

    Disabling chat spam?

    There is a command for this. .pvp info That will disable it on your account!
  14. Adrestia

    transfer from alliance to horde

    Alliance is typically the less populated faction, in effort to keep the balance, we have blocked faction change from alliance to horde. We very rarely do limited transfers from alliance to horde, but we don't have any planned right now.
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