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  1. Adrestia

    discord appeal Juho / kevinturtle

    Greetings! It appears as though you were banned by mistake- you've been unbanned! Please be sure to read our discord rules in #read-first and if you have any questions feel free to message me
  2. Adrestia


    Hey! In addition to Waht @Naevys said, we don't unban gold sellers, There's no chance for appeal once you sell gold on sunwell. You are of course, free to level a new character.
  3. Adrestia

    Char transfer from other server

    This is not something we offer at this time, sorry.
  4. Adrestia

    Disabling chat spam?

    There is a command for this. .pvp info That will disable it on your account!
  5. Adrestia

    transfer from alliance to horde

    Alliance is typically the less populated faction, in effort to keep the balance, we have blocked faction change from alliance to horde. We very rarely do limited transfers from alliance to horde, but we don't have any planned right now.
  6. Adrestia

    Arrogant and rude GM treatment

    Hey there! So we did ask you about what happened prior to you being banned, (in effort to see if you were in fact banned unjustly) I have the logs of what was said there. rather than give us any information, you continued to state you had been banned for no reason. The tests we do ( and we won't share exactly what we do for reasons listed above) are VERY obvious, and had you been at your computer you would have seen them happen. If you can message us details about what happened before the ban that occurred, feel free. Otherwise, your ban will be removed in 7 days and you will be added to our watchlist.
  7. Adrestia

    Account freeze

    APPEAL DENIED Once again, NK received a large amount of gold from you- who we have banned for gold selling. While that would normally be a ban for gold Buying ( not selling) I've chosen in this case to ban him for selling because I believe it is a proxy account that you've tried to hide gold on so it won't be banned as well. We have caught you personally exploiting, and gold selling, ( which is why you're banned now) It's hard to believe you in this case. Any and all credibility you had was lost when you were banned for selling gold. I will NOT be unbanning NK, or you. have a brilliant day.
  8. Adrestia

    Account freeze

    liudehua Was banned for gold selling, as such, you will remain banned.
  9. Adrestia

    Account freeze

    He will not be unbanned, sorry
  10. Adrestia

    Account freeze

    I will not be unbanning Goldseller accounts. I'm sorry.
  11. Adrestia

    Account freeze

    Nk was banned because he had a large trade with a gold seller. He was banned for selling gold. I will not be unbanning him.
  12. Adrestia

    Account freeze

    Nk was banned because he had a large trade with a gold seller. He was banned for selling gold. I will not be unbanning him.
  13. Adrestia

    Astira (zbanowany przez Asureuz)

    Looks like this belongs in the Angrathar section- I've moved it there. @Asureuz
  14. Adrestia

    Seppoonbi banned by Adrestia

    Hey there! You've been unbanned Good luck on our server!
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