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  1. uragogus

    Dual talents on TBC

    I think that 1000 gold for half a year of free change of talents is not enough. This price is ok for a maximum of one month. Two respec there and back for a week cost 200g so you have 800 gold a month. So you're 200 gold ahead. And I doubt they would shout to you, they intended to do respec less than twice a week. If you are going to play a lot and change your talents often, then you also have time for a farm !!!
  2. uragogus

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    All this confusion is due to the fact that ally is behind the horde. some people take the argument "I do not have time/full time job" which is frivolous to me. If you have time then you play and if not you do not. It's easy. But if you say so, you can add an alliance 20% reputation bonus to reva and then lower it to 10%. Then, the alliance can go faster on the hero than the horde and get access to vendor for reputation faster. For example, humman has to revared reputation has a 30% bonus and saves a lot of time. After revared, he has a 20% reputation bonus. It saves time and in the initial phase of the game the alliance overtakes the horde (xp boost rep bust) and does not interfere with the mechanics and economy of the server.
  3. uragogus

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    Zenya I guess you want to play DPS roles. If you do not want to wait an hour for a tank, then play with a tank and if you still have a problem with a farm or other things, choose feral. As mannimarco noticed, do you want to have the same level playing an hour a day like someone who plays a few hours a day ?? if you do not have enough time to play, accept it and do not change the game
  4. uragogus

    Dual talents on TBC

    I'm going to play heal and somehow I never missed a dual spece despite playing in the alliance. If you have a problem with gold farming, you either do it wrongly or inefficiently because I never had a problem with playing the heal. I like to play pvp and pve and on reece I often spent over 1k gold per month. Many times there is the topic of how tanks and healers have a problem with farm and grind but I have not seen one of them complain about it and cried, is it a coincidence? As the nimeralos wrote, the robbers themselves are hurting themselves instead of thinking how to effectively play. TBC requires a game with people wotlk that's already been introduced by introducing the RDF system and then searching for raids. At TBC, you want to raid, you're looking for guilds. If you have problems with tanks and healers, play them or set guilds, then you will have them. In TBC you can not play solo if you want to play not only farm and walk 5-man. A simple dual spece also disturbs the mechanics, for example, for shade of aran, the tanks turn into DPS in a few seconds and the boss is a simple puppet and other kara boss when you need only one tank. TBC mechanics does not provide an instant dual spece that must cost time and gold !!! Writing about the fact that people have their obligations as the studys, work is poor because in 2007 people who play wow have 28years+. And I see it as crying children accustomed to convenience.
  5. uragogus

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    I agree with Tomcat. The pathology will be created in the server economics and the prices in the alliance will be much higher than in the horde along with the progression. New players, when they see prices in the auction house in the alliance, will remove the character and do the horde because it will be cheaper in longrun I support the idea of balancing factions and facilitation for alliance, but doing so at the expense of the server economics does not seem good to me.
  6. uragogus

    Dual talents on TBC

    I will not completely agree. If you play tank or heal you have to be different to everything. You can not do farms or quests like DPS, but it's not true that you can not do q and farm because you can. I'm going to play heal
  7. uragogus

    Faction imbalance

    Or free respec and reduce the cost of repair by 50%,increase the speed in the spirit 25% only alliance
  8. uragogus

    PvP titles for HK

    I think it is a very cool idea worth considering. People may go to BG not only for brands and honor.
  9. uragogus

    Dual talents on TBC

    Dual spec? Nope. TBC is not WotLK. don't make WotLK on TBC. Reduce the (1/3 or 1/2) price of talent reset is OK
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