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  1. Amarath

    Help with Nightbane Addons

    Only tip i have is if you like a wrath addon try it, they often work. Ot at least when they started in tbc or nilla. Handynotes is a good example. 1.14, a wrath version, works but 1.15 doesn't.
  2. Ever wanted to see where the quest givers are? I got you. This version (1.14) of handynotes https://www.wowace.com/projects/handynotes/files/344122 Plus this version of handynote - questgivers: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/handynotes_questgivers/files/384309 Winning.
  3. Updated guides are pretty rare and there is no info on professions, shows how less theorycrafting there was back then. That and the answer is always Leatherworking Also how there have been no good private tbc servers for raiding.
  4. You cannot even get to the queue, there like funky stuff going on stopping more than like 2 people from logging in a minute.
  5. Amarath

    Still cannot log in hours later. NA player

    There was probably like 10k people trying to log in and atm 1,120 are on.. still 4-5k looking to log in. This is going to be a multi-day thing unless a fix is found or people abandon ship.
  6. Nahh who needs x3 exp... NO one. I want mo money. So i can actually train my abilities.
  7. Amarath

    Your perfect TBC raid setup

    Tanks (4 ish): 1 (Prot) warrior, 1 (Prot) pally, 2 (F) druids [tank/dps] Healers (6 or 7): 3-4 (R) shamans, 1 (Spi) priest [spi buff], 1 (H) pally, 1 (R) druid [tank group] Damage (14-15): 5 (BM) hunters , 1 (S) hunter, 1 rogue [maybe two], 1 (Ret) pally, 1 (S) priest, 1 (B) druid, 1 lock, 1 mage, 1 warrior, 1 (Enh) shaman, 0-1 (Ele) shaman. -------- Total of (25): 6 hunters, 5 shaman, 4 druids, 3 pallies, 2 warriors, 2 priest, 1 rouge, 1 lock, 1 mage. -------- Tanking : (Prot) warrior, (Prot) pally, rogue, (R) druid, (Enh) shaman. - Tank and a solo resto druid used largely for lifebloom buffering and ToL buff. Mixed: (Ret) pally, warrior, lock, (H) pally (R) shaman. - Warrior is out of place here but still provides dps and a raid buff. Range #1: 3x (BM) hunters, (F) druid, (R) shaman. - Ideal DPS group in TBC. Range #2: 2x (BM) hunters, (S) hunter, (F) druid, (R) Shaman. - Same as above but a single survival hunter adds raid buff Expose Weakness. Caster: (Spi) priest, (S) priest, mage, (B) druid, (R or Ele) shaman. - I prefer the resto shaman as the 7th healer and the mana it also provides this group is great. Notes: Swapping a ret pally and/or ele shaman (i prefer kicking out an ele shaman) for a holy pally and/or resto shaman isn't bad if you want 7 healers and with lower gear, or easier time, its a good idea. Also this frees up the innervates for that poor solo resto druid (Shadow priest in that set-up with a resto shaman will hit threat cap before mana). If you want 8 healers, swap both and keep them in the same groups. Swapping the balance druid for a tank or healer is also an option. BM hunters are definitely your best stacking class/spec after shamans. If your raid is great at interrupting 1 rogue should be fine (you have enough shamans), but still you can drop a class for a 2nd one to be safe. More tanks typically reduces pressure on healers also (i have always been short on tanks in wow until was it cata or mop). If your ret pally doesn't want to switch to healing but is willing to be a 5th tank its often a viable switch also. Cons: Warlock based raid comps are easier to manage. You just have them shadowbolt a lot. They can largely stand alone they benefit far more from bloodlust (most people don't know this; unless the 3:2 rotation is working... and it doesn't appear to be working as well as it did in retail). To get the most out of this comp you need to stop 3% under hit cap to benefit from the balance druid (and 3% less for the ele shaman group; which is a bad idea as 7 healers will be wanted often). Lack of ready interrupts (can add a rogue). Only one Warrior tank, use the other warrior for TK reflecting. Sorry bro you're a fake tank for trash. Its hard to be a pally ST tank. No CoH - great snap group healing ... largely mitigated by chain heals. AoE is just bad.. really bad. Pros: Probably the highest DPS raid comp that keeps utility and balance. The feral druids themselves if they are power shifting can do far more damage than most people will expect (still not amazing). But they benefit from getting 2-3 hunter's buffs of Ferocious Inspiration (and they do stack). Also buffs from the shamans help them a good amount. Plenty of druids to innervate and battle rezes. A lot of self rezes. You will need at least four tanks at many points and this build loses very little when you only need one or two; via the two feral druids. Furthermore, the feral druids give 5% crit to the hunters and some health regen via hunters own criticals. All buffs. The cost is not low, is a balance druid or ret pally really worth it? I say yes. Now elemental shaman.. maybe not (they do okay damage compared to balance druids, but they also offer far less in the way of raid buffs). Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Could alliance price be 100 Sunwell Coins or 500g ? This would actually give people a reason to roll alliance for the respect option before they hit 70 and have trained and their progressions and then made money. That is if they are willing to pay.
  9. Amarath

    Faction imbalance

    Only racial design is gonna balance this out .. or a buff that give damage and or defence.
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