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  1. Dedal

    Angrathar - Important News

    I think They don't care. Look here when they are online. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/staff/
  2. Dedal

    Angrathar - Important News

    I think that the administration did not expect such a large drop online. The server falls. And it probably can not be stopped anymoer. I do not how who he was and what he was wropng with. In the alliance, queues for rdf and rbg last for hal an hour. It's a waste of time. Players do not make life easier either. They call 5,5k gs+ for each raid. New players have nothing to look here. And without new players, the serwer will fall.
  3. Dedal

    Angrathar - Important News

    No, the day does not make difference. But while the new server collect players and we lose them, there is no place for such misteakes. We have saturday 15:00 and we have 1,1k online.
  4. Dedal

    Angrathar - Important News

    @Graal make it haste. I know that you are planning something big. But each day population is getting smaller and smaller. Soon it will be hard for completing rhc and bg. We all know that is takes time, and it is not so easy, but it is not enough. Now the fate of server is weighing. The response time in the "soon" style or "when the time come" is over. I'm not saying this to make you angry. For me, this is probably the last adventure with WoW. Specific deadlines are needed. Date and time. And hype. Everyehere. Reddid, fb, google, everywhere they should shout for us. Now, not when time will come. Because when the time comes, it can be too late.
  5. Dedal

    Angrathar - Important News

    Now that the decision about the transfers and slavemarket has been made, it's necessary to ensure tahat as many people as possible. You will be suprised how many people wil join our server
  6. Dedal

    Angrathar - Important News

    I think we should wait to see serwer balance after transfers. Ten if three od a large disparity, administration will make a move
  7. Dedal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    waiting with transfers is a huge mistake. Everyone knows that a new serwer was lunched. Transfers should maked BEFORE ITS STRART. A large part whould then choose our server. Now that the case is delayed in time and the character levels on the new serwer are growing, the number of people interested in the game on our server will fall proportionally. Saing that transfers will be timely is another mistake. At the mooment when you are releasing RS and the last arena season is ove, we are small competitor to acquiring new players. Best chance is to make transfers as fast as posible. I know you make a events. But few are interested in it. For a regular player, a shorter waiting time for bg or rdf will be better. The clock is ticking. Wait a little longer, uuntil people reach 80 lvl and no one will be interested in transfers. The clock is tickig...
  8. Dedal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    Still no answer. Fine. Now we know what we have to do.
  9. Dedal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    Dear Adminstration when the right time will come?
  10. Dedal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    many people are waiting for the message about transfers, and you tell as they will be somday. what was it spossed to be? when the time comes? when the time comes, people will find another server without your pity
  11. Dedal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    And when the time comes? more details
  12. Dedal

    Transfery z Feronis

    Ktoś wie kiedy spodziewać się wyników?
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