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  1. Lutero

    Jezus player nick

    That player insult my religion he should change his nick or ban
  2. Hey. After reaching 70 on my main I want to create my guild from Hellground realm. We played with friends on Alliance there. If someone will be interested to join and play some world pvp in STV or WSG/AB send me a message in game or here. I hope we get some fun also on Sunwell Nightbane PL: Cześć. Po wbiciu max lvl na moim mainie planuje reaktywować gildie twinkową z Hellgrounda, gdzie graliśmy z przyjaciółmi po stronie Alliance. Jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany taką odskocznią od rajdowania lub pvp na 70 lvlu chętnie zapraszam. WSG/AB oraz world pvp szczególnie w stv dawało mase funu te 8-9 lat temu Pozdrawiam Japoflage oraz Slowness. Lutero aka Canthar 29 lvl Paladin
  3. yea something like 10 euro for dual spec is cheaper than 500g on blizzlike realm i guess
  4. Lutero

    Twinks in TBC?

    29 or 39 lvl twinks are pretty fun On 19 wsg only rogue, hunter, priest or druid are good to play.
  5. Hi guys. I want t to ask about patch. On release server will have opened t5 so its pre 2.1 right? What about things like mount or riding ? It will be available to get on lvl 30 or 40? http://db.darkwizard.pl/?spell=41317 - goggles from engi ?
  6. Lutero

    Dual talents on TBC

    Yea something like 20g cap for respec sounds reasonable for me also. Dual spec its fun server idea not for high population serious TBC
  7. Lutero

    Nightbane Timeline

    Yes attunements for t5 its must have on realm start. Maybe later after t6 release t5 can be open for all but not faster
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