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  1. mannimarco

    Is Sunwell making a TBC database?

    I heard an open database adds load to the server, if this is true, then why do we need an extra load? It is better to let the server work more stable.
  2. mannimarco

    Community poll for xp rate change

    Why do you need all these x3, x5? You will still need to learn spells, buy mounts. If they will give you x5 for exp, and everything else will be x1, then there will be people who will beg for gold, because they don't have enough gold for mount, skills, etc. The same applies to professions, except that you plan to lvling them after 70 lvl. Anyway if you want make some poll, add x1 there.
  3. mannimarco

    Faction imbalance

    Don't need to seduce the administration to create an artificial queue, or do you want to create a "paymane" here?
  4. mannimarco

    Faction imbalance

    "Motivation for retri paly to create ally". Look at least here, how many retri paladins you see here? Even if they are all Horde ones there, and they will join the alliance, this will change the ratio only by 8% (-4% for horde, +4% for ally).
  5. mannimarco

    What Kind Of Class U Will Be Playing ?

    I didn't say that it is unplayable. I just wanted to say that in PVP (world pvp, BG) for an alliance, being a hunter is more profitable than warlock.
  6. mannimarco

    What Kind Of Class U Will Be Playing ?

    Hunter will be better, because when appears near an enemy Rdru , restokin (there will be a lot of them) or DC priest almost the rest of warlock (if we talking about sl/sl) damage will be zero and you will only have to try to control someone. Hunter has an Aimed Shot And if you'll play warlock for alliance, then all undeads (except mages) will love you
  7. mannimarco

    Which faction will you play?

    Here (https://www.strawpoll.me/16684724) is a similar survey, the result for factions is not difficult to calculate.
  8. mannimarco

    Dual talents on TBC

    This is true only if you play with only one character, and the entire time interval that you paid. But not everyone plays like that, and to those people who play different characters, or with some intervals of time, this is not so profitable, and besides, an extra 1000g is not always available, and this amount will not pay off immediately. And not everyone needs it. For example, I wouldn't take a dual spec for mage, even for 1000g, and same for wlock
  9. mannimarco

    Estimated population at launch?

    Not the fact that this server will be blizzlike, if the administration will go in the wake of the community, i mean about add some faction bonuses or penalties.
  10. mannimarco

    Dual talents on TBC

    Try present it to Blizzard Entertainment. P.S. I noticed a strange thing, modern people are trying to insert the concept of "discrimination" anywhere, just to get their own benefit.
  11. mannimarco

    Dual talents on TBC

    So play WotLK (here have WotLK realm Angrathar), MoP or another later patch, there is no need to spend a lot of time on the game. But why because there are people who have little time to convert TBC into WotLK? Then let's add some mounts from the first level, otherwise someone can say: "I don’t have enough time to go on foot and gather ore in Azeroth"
  12. mannimarco

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    You say so, as if these 1 lvl will be only for the alliance. If you mean that someone will specifically create them in order to be able to create a character for a horde, then this is stupid, for while someone created characters for the alliance, someone else at this time can create characters for a horde. And on one account you can not create characters of different factions, and the creation of an additional account takes some time. You also don't take into account that this barrier will not be permanent, but the possibility of creation will periodically open up, but yes, this can happen if you simultaneously create characters and at that moment the barrier turns on. And I didn't say that this is an ideal way, just fact that it is the lesser of few evils, and in my opinion. It’s better to lose some players, because some players will lose the server anyway if he will not be blizzlike. Or server can lose so many ppl if they do blizzlike, but there will be a huge disbalance of fractions. Or make this server as PVE and hope that the alliance will create a minimal online raid. Personally, I don't see how it can be done so that there are "sheeps safe and wolves are fed".
  13. mannimarco

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    In order not to have a big imbalance need a restriction on the creation of characters. It is not necessary to do it with a ratio of 1 to 1, you can do it with a small tolerance, for example + 20% of the fraction with the lowest online, i.e. if there are 500 alliance characters, you can create 600 horde characters. 20% should not be critical.
  14. mannimarco

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    That is, you want to spend few hours a day to play, but at the same time be on the same level(gear, money, rep and etc.) with the players who spend alot hours a day on it?
  15. mannimarco

    Periodic Survey: Nightbane - Summary!

    In my opinion it is the most effective, and less from all evils. But I have to admit that here my view may be somewhat biased, because I almost always play for the alliance and plan to play there, regardless of any bonuses to the alliance or fines to the horde. And the only reason for reroll to the horde can only be the lack of raids.
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