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  1. +1 I completely agree with Filipx.
  2. Hakete

    [report Czekoladson]

    Your name - HaketexReported player's name - CzekoladsonDate - 16.03.2020Rule that was broken - Insulting, toxicDescription - Offensive language on BGEvidence - https://imgur.com/a/iCtRzwL
  3. Actually cross faction queues would not be so bad.
  4. Hakete

    [Report] Atkrues

    Your name - HaketexReported player's name - AtkruesDate - 23.12.2019Rule that was broken - Flaming, Insulting, ToxicityDescription - Today I was playing bg with guy who's nickname is Aktrues. He wrote to me that he won this fight for me, after this he started to offend me and my mother. Basically I was upset that he started insulting my mom for no reason, and would like to ask administration to punish this player.Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/IFfdskU
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    79 twinking

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    79 twinking

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    Twink 19

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    Twink 19

  10. Hakete

    [Hakete] (banned by Asureuz)

    Character Name: Hakete Punishment: Polish language Game Master: Asureuz Summary: Greetings, I am writing to enquire about my mute on chat today morning. I wrote some words which i regret in polish. I always try to lead BG but today emotions were out of control. Would you be so kind as to make it shorter. It was my first time. I'm so sorry, it will not happen again. I would really appreciate it, yours sincerely Hakete.
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