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  1. Alliance dominates because it has way more geared and pvp-focused players. Horde has many low gear/pve players due to the higher population of new players. Best fix would be crossfaction BGs, even if the faction aspect of the game would come less. Increasing horde-side honor gained (or even better decreasing pvp gear price) is very interesting though and could really help horde gearing up decently for pvp. It stil doesn't solve 40-60 faction balance though.
  2. Artar

    [Report] Accbuyer

    Your name - Deicus Reported player's name - Accbuyer Date - several days up to 21th July Rule that was broken - Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option. Description - This player which I don't know, and for unknown reasons, always spams emotes on me as soons as he sees me in dalaran sewers (where i often stay). Unfortunately, ignoring a player doesn't mute the emote sound he does, so I often have to mute the game for the /cry /laugh and /chicken spam he does on me. It is very annoying. I also know that some other players in the horde have been harassed the same way by this player. This is honestly ridiculous and only a punishment can make this stop, because I've tried talking to him with no effect. He often comes close to my character so I can hear the emote sound at full volume. Evidence - Screenshot: Accbuyer isn't ignored in the ss to show how he spams emotes (which sound cannot be muted). Please do something about this. Regards
  3. Just beware, we had trusted him but as soon as he had the chance he took what he could from the Gbank and sold the items at the action house; then he left the guild. We ourselves did a mistake and the value of the items is not even huge, but this post is nevertheless due. Gratz dude!
  4. Artar

    Everything that is wrong with pets

    Feel free to comment this post i've recently written https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues/1897
  5. Artar

    Everything that is wrong with pets

    About this, there is a closed thread in the bugtracker; basically here on Sunwell it's intended to work this way, as "becoming not sappable by sending pet" is considered to be a bug which wasn't solved by Blizzard... https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues/1315
  6. Artar

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    When this new system is thought to be fully implemented? Thanks
  7. Artar

    79 twinking

    You could just let levelers level
  8. Artar

    The Horseman's Reins - question

    Only from the bag, i think. I got it on my two chars and both the times from bag. Too bad it cannot bet used outside Hallow's End event... it's a very cool mount!
  9. Artar

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    I like it, because i cannot think of any serious negative side effect it could cause and at the same time it is going to help you with game development. A mechanism like this is infinitely better than introducing buyable pvp/pve gear or multiboxing (which would make me leave). That of lvl 78 max is also a very good idea, because it makes the system feel less "threatening". I like this server style, please go on like this.
  10. Artar

    32. Krxton

    I was in the raid too. The raid leader passed the leadership to Krxton which, after Valkyrias were killed, said Anub's Trophy of Crusade was reserved (not written in global chat when grouping people) and then with ML took it without rolling it. Basically he (they) changed the rules during the raid, and many players protested saying he ninjaed it. I didn't see the chest thing myself but I have little doubt they were actually dishonest.
  11. Hello, as a new player on this server i like many aspects of it, and being a passionate pvp player i embraced the exp granted by BG, especially from level 70 and beyond. One thing i noticed though, and that is detrimental to new players and especially levelers, is the extended number of lvl 79 twink in BGs, often organized in guild premades, which often polarize the competition. This can result very frustrating for new players who may want to join BGs for exp/fun and will instead find full geared 79 chars premades as opponents. This may even cause the dropping out from the server, because levels from 70-79 are the most difficult (1x exp) and BGs are a way to get much exp. If BGs stop to be an option, everything gets much harder. These opinions are shared by many fellow players inside my guild and even outside of it. To solve this issue, it could be implemented the same mechanism which was adopted on retail before level scaling, which is a separated queue for twinks, based on average ilvl, for every bracket inferior to 80 (10-19 to 70-79). This will have the quality to attract many new twinks on this amazing server, who will be recognized to dedicate them more game space, but without affecting levelers. It could be initially introduced with a test period and then possibly made permanent. I hope these suggestions may help the server improve its friendliness to new players and thus increase its greateness
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