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  1. After introducing separate queues, battlegrounds at 70-79 became waaaaay more healthy and enjoyable. Quality change. It was obvious that twinks are gonna cry. Stop it. Noone cares really. Go farm some lowbies in Borean Tundra or kill auctioneers like u used to. It seems u guys just dont have any reason / willingness to simply talk to other faction twink guild and queue versus each other on specific hour. You just wanted to kill gray lvl guys with your enchanted bis blue and looms while calling it "saving pvp bracket". Everyone is happy now except you guys. Battleground queues are instant as usual during CTA. You can leave server, noone gonna cry for u nor care about your loss.
  2. Vipermagi

    Frosthold Teaser & Some Informations.

    What about adding npc which sell pvp weapons for honor only? For example furious weapons available to buy for honor only, when u normally can get relentless and wrathful for honor and arena points. Also as someone mentioned in some previous thread, what about banning twinks from normal battlegrounds? so people actually queue those while leveling instead being facerolled by some bis gear x9 lvl character with looms and enchants?
  3. Vipermagi

    Alliance power

    Correct me if I am wrong. Is this thread about some 79 twink crying about that he got smashed by some lvl 80? Well, isnt 79 twinks with heirlooms and enchants, smashing players who just level their char and want experience from CTA in 70-79 bracket the same story? I find it funny. Also I find funny fact that someone think that it is hard to kill lvl 80 while being at lvl 79 where 99% of class skills are unlocked.
  4. Vipermagi

    Witam Graczy

    Wotlk content się nie skończył, dopiero otwarli licz konga, a jeszcze Ruby Sanctum. O online nie masz co się martwić bo jest dość spory, a w weekendy nawet za duży na możliwości servera bo występują dc (jak teraz) i np na WG nie da się wbić itp. Wotlk jest najlepszym dodatkiem do wowa wg mnie i nie tylko mnie. Kto poszedł na TBC ten poszedł, z tego co wiem to część osób wraca na wotlk bo spróbowali tbc i im nie podeszło. Oba servery raczej ze sobą nie konkurują jak to miało miejsce z feronis vs afganistan, musieliby otworzyć nowy realm wotlk. Z tego co widzę to raczej online na TBC jest większy, ale sukcesywnie maleje z tygodnia na tydzień (prawdopodobnie przez to, że otwarli właśnie całe ICC na angrathar) i tak jak mówię ludzie wolą wotlk content od tbc content. Jedyny minus to taki, że expienie od 70lvl jest trochę (nawet bardzo) utrudnione z uwagi na to, że 70-80 grasz na x1, a do 70 na x2 i uwierz jest to bardzo odczuwalne. Niby coś tam admini gadają, że chcą by ludzie mogli w pełni doświadczyć northrendu sratatata, ja nie miałem nerwów i cierpliwości by expić na x1, więc odpaliłem sobie płatnego boosta do expa hehe Czasami robią eventy z exp boostem i można sobie levelować alta dalej, ale to rzadko i ostatnio skąpią z tym nic nie poradzisz
  5. Vipermagi

    Sub combat or assa rogue.

    Leveling is a whole different story than pvp at lvl 80 or in some twink brackets. You need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you want to level fast? I would choose combat, because you can use every 1h weapon u find or get from quest rewards. Also as combat u got ability to AoE mobs if u pull too much and got many defensive talents like +dodge +parry and also helpful +hit. But combat got it flaws, it pretty much is not very good spec for world pvp, also gameplay is not roguelike and more like warrior fury with much lower armor. You can also level as sub rogue, which is much slower than combat but it feels much more roguelike and also is very strong in world pvp. Unfortunately you pretty much need to use daggers (in mainhand) which are not always present so you need to buy them from AH. Also gameplay wise is much less careful than combat. You cant just fight three mobs at once like combat can but you rather want to kill one mob at a time while keeping others in CC (sap) which is also not always possible. When it comes to level in assa, I wouldnt do this until you unclok mutialte talent. Then assa is some kind viable, you can kill one mob at a time and got permament stunlock which is also nice in pvp. But assa got same flaws sub got which is problem with fighting against elite mobs and more than two mobs at once. In my opinion combat is the fastest way to level a rogue, if you got access to heirloom daggers you can try to level as sub from begining or try assa when u unlock mutilate to compare those specs. Sub and assa are superior to combat in world pvp because they allow much more control over your target, but it doesnt mean that combat is completely useless, when u unlock killing spree you can pretty much "one shot" most classes that are not plate wearers, but if target survives and know some pvp stuff your options to continue a fight are limited. Also forget to add that "world pvp" while leveling teaches u nothing about pvp. As a rogue you can choose when the fight starts so for example you can start nuking someone when he has like 20% health and is eating kappa.
  6. Vipermagi

    Characters missing

    Probably u log into wrong realm, for example instead of Angrathar u logged into Feronis or other. Maybe your realmlist changed or smth and u log into different wotlk server. There is also a possibility that your characters were deleted by someone who logged on your account.
  7. Vipermagi

    Tauren Hunter and Racials

    Tauren is the worst horde race for hunter, even blood elf are more viable (at least in pvp)
  8. I think there should be added a rule to Angrathar terms of use when it comes to gathering a raid with reserved items. Every single day people do this and start spaming /global sometimes for few hours, because noone wants to join their raids. Usually people react with some funny jokes about "reserved items" in raid but most of the time we got some shit storms starting on global because people who gather those raids felt offended in some way. Also very often people start to troll and start spamming fake raids fe: "lfm toc25 solace, satrina, dv, reign, trophy res need tank" just because they want to protest in some way against such raids. I feel this kind of behaviour is very toxic and should be punished in some way by administration. Discuss
  9. Vipermagi

    Wintergrasp Bugs

    Can someone explain me why if I am on fly mount and flying around for example east workshop, the moment battle begins, I am not teleported to castle for some reason but instead I start WG battle on east workshop (yeah) and I am able to fly on WG! Guys this is major bug which should be fixed asap. The moment ago Alliance lost WG, not sure what really happend but I think Horde players abused this bug and guess what? they get their ranks on some npc, build sieges on broken workshop and won in under 4minutes while alliance players did not even meet single horde player near castle or towers (also horde npcs near towers dead at start). WTF is happening here guys ??!!
  10. Vipermagi

    What pvp set for shadow priest?

    @Cryptex Thanks for answer. The idea behind using satin was ofcoure having haste offsets, weapon, offhand, wand also with haste + pve trinkets with crit. The amount of crit would be near ~25%, keep in mind 6% for dots comes from talents so overall crit chance would be like 31%, but yeah, resilience recude this drastically and I now see the point of not using satin gear at all.
  11. Vipermagi

    What pvp set for shadow priest?

    Well I am still confused because I did some research and found out that for example: People on arenajunkies say that on s8 (yeah I know its not yet s8 on sunwell) mana regen from spirit gear is not needed at all because of increased mana pool, dispersion, shadowfiend and VT+MB combo giving you mana back. Also shadow priest in 2v2 is better suited for double dps comps, so games are rather short. Also there is a guy on arenatournament and warmane called darthsotek, who play in full satin, with crit trinket, no meditation talents and got godlike winrate in duels (I know that game is not balanced around 1v1 battles but still) which I found impressive. I also found a guide about dueling unholy deathknight as shadow priest which is commonly considered by many players to be priest class hard counter, and in this guide author says that mooncloth gear with solaces for more regen cant help u at all because DK will outlast you anyway, but if you go for crit gear and talents (yeah shadow priest got crit increasing talents) you might be able to burst him in cc chain. Another example is that I found some shadow priests in game, here on sunwell, who were wearing satin gear and had like 2000 rating in 2v2 (cant check this anymore kappa). Yeah I know its nothing special but still. I have never tried to play in satin gear and I always blindly buy mooncloth with haste offsets, as previous poster said (and most pvp guides for shadow on internet say that u should go mooncloth), but as I wrote above I am still confused. Also I feel that double solace is better suited for defensive playstyles (disc priests maybe) and would rather go more offensive options like double haste trinkets. DFO + CTS in future content are kinda scarry if u ask me. Or maybe I am totally wrong and shadow priests should only be played with defensive playstyle in mind? Maybe I should go affliction Kappa Still confused af
  12. I am confused a bit. What should I choose? Full satin and got more crit rating that way? or maybe go full mooncloth and get mana regen and a bit more spell power? Or maybe combine two of them to get +100 resilence? What would u choose guys? Please explain what set / combination u choose and explain why?
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