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  1. Rooq

    [Report] Janieustoje

    Your name - RooqReported player's name - JanieustojeDate - 07.01.2019Rule that was broken - Offensive language on "say", use polish languageDescription - He just start insult me in Dalaran. First use emote "spit", then he began, to write on say chat. I know this guy, we was in the same guild some time ago. It's a toxic player. As far as I remember, this is his second offense like this. You can check this on his logs or anywhere.Evidence -
  2. Rooq

    [Report] Ssijek

    Your name - Rooq Reported player's name - Ssijek Date - 25.09.2018 Rule that was broken - offense, offensive language Description - Ssijek during WSG 70-79 lvl offense to lvl 70 on bg. He thinks, its only for twinks Evidence -
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