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  1. Vanquis

    [Report] Worldbestx

    Your name - VanquisReported player's name - WorldbestxDate - 11.05.2019Rule that was broken - cheating, teleport hack (hitchhiker)Description: Worldbestx (feral - 2nd place on hunger games event) used hitchhiker and teleported during hunter games event, what can be seen on video below. He was running away from me, he entered stealth with 4k HP, he made a few steps (in stealth) and then he teleported (to horde base I think). He thought he cannot be seen in stealth and teleporting will not be discovered. Unfortunately for him, he landed near hostile NPC (Horde - hostile for him) which brought him down to ~1k HP. However he survived and managed to finish 2nd. How did I know he teleported to the horde base even before watching the movie? When Horde NPC attacked him (kicking him out of stealth) my paladin caught a target on him and I've seen him fighting the horde guard (assist target). Despite having the target on him I couldn't see him anywhere around, no matter where I was looking... Luckily the situation is pretty clearly shown on the movie - feral didn't know that GM can see people in stealth, so his teleport is recorded - GM had him on target when he was teleported after going stealth. I'd say cheating on the event organized by administration during the live stream is pretty insolent... Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_YQJRZOvcw&feature=youtu.be&t=4662
  2. Vanquis

    [Report] Tulga

    Vanquis Reported player's name - Tulga 06.10.2018 1. Offensive and abusive language 2. Using polish language on BG chat Evidence:
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