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    [Report] Fatpyro

    Your name LekkermalsReported player's name FatpyroDate 16-1-2019Rule that was broken Insulting/excessive languageDescription This player has been nagging about the group since the moment it started and once a wipe did occur, he decided to really take it out on the group. (While I am aware that the second photo is whisper-only and that he should be ignored, I still believe it's language that shouldn't be accepted within this server.)Evidence:
  2. Unrelenting00

    [Report] Rivermour & Wiermin

    Your name: Lekkermals Reported player's name: Rivermour & Wiermin Date: 24-11-2018 Rule that was broken: Non-English language in a public channel. Description: After ninjaing a purple shield from me, I refused to tank anymore for this group, asking for a kick. The group refused to do so, asking me to leave and take the debuff. I felt this was undeserved on account of losing a great shield to a druid due to it making some money on the Auction House. The mentioned ones continued to talk about (and later to) me in Polish. Evidence:
  3. Unrelenting00

    [Report] Isayhello & Rivivq

    Your name: RavenshadeReported player's name: Isayhello & RivivqDate 25-10-2018Rule that was broken: Non-English language.Description: Started talking Polish. Reminded them multiple times that English is the only acceptable language in public channels, which they apparently ignored.
  4. Unrelenting00

    [Report] Filippa

    Your name: ArthedaarReported player's name: FilippaDate 19-10-2018Rule that was broken: Non-English language.Description: Started talking Polish. We reminded him/her of the fact that only English is allowed in a public setting and got promptly told to shut up, because the server is Polish(?).Evidence -
  5. Unrelenting00

    [Report] Premonition

    Your name: ArthedaarReported player's name: PremonitionDate 10-10-2018Rule that was broken: Offensive language in a public setting.Description: Exactly what the rule says. I'm aware of the /ignore option, and I have done so afterwards, but pretty sure this shouldn't be acceptable in a public display.Evidence -
  6. Unrelenting00

    [Report] Gelor

    Your name: Ravenshade.Reported player's name: Gelor.Date: 26-9-2018.Rule that was broken: Use of non-English language.Description: Continually talking Polish, ignoring two warnings.Evidence: -
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