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  1. Hell no,i dont want paymane stuff here.
  2. Soufly

    Icecrown Citadel - Launch Schedule

    Option two makes no sense ...
  3. Soufly

    PvP scripters and BGs

  4. Soufly

    Stepping up difficulty...

  5. Soufly

    Hunter MM T9 Bis List

    Just play survival,dont waste your time with MM before DBW.The 4 set is ONLY for BM.Good luck.
  6. Soufly

    Mythic+ Project

    The loot table should be at most 213 ilvl.
  7. Soufly


    Did u change the host for the balkan countries ? I have 8-10 higher latency since may.I also asked some of my friends,they confirmed it.
  8. ''Twin Val’kyr debuff will damage the whole raid, instead of single damage to the player with debuff'' - add this,thanks.
  9. Soufly

    Change account email

    U cannot and i think its on purpose
  10. Soufly

    New player - need info

    Sunwell has the best wotlk scripts,and still they try to improve every day ... so ure welcomed here.
  11. Soufly


    It was fixed by reducing the fps(i'm not using vsync) to 100.
  12. Soufly


    My cpu usage is really high(30-40%) while playing in sunwell recently... Something changed in the past few weeks/month with the server,and my pc is reacting badly .I did some testing with other private servers like dalaran/warmane,and there i dont have the problem.I believe the problem is connected with the view distance somehow(maybe),its always happening in a RBG/Dalaran while being around a big group of players.
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