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  1. Good day, I (Seamos) am looking for a English speaking social-leveling guild. Since the first day WoW went up I was a fan. But over the years the casualisation got me losing interest. I have discovered Sunwell a few days ago after the leveling on Lights Hope got me slightly bored. After a good discussion with a friend of mine I started to look for a private WoW-server pre Cata. And here I am. Some good reviews and research later I downloaded the client and got my account up and running. In Short: I am loving it after about 8 hours /played (on multiple characters). Now I have decided to level a warrior. I want to go Protection spec (because I love tanking) and i want to do so in a friendly, English speaking guild. Raiding is not on the agenda for me right now since I am still leveling and need a lot of catching up. But never say never. I am from the Netherlands and I will be spending a good amount of time on playing WoW. I work four days a week and when I don't work I play a lot of WoW. So I will be active and I would like to be a guild that is active aswell. As I have been second in command of one of the biggest guilds (EU) pre cata I expect a guild to be a helpfull and friendly environment. Not a second trade chat like some prefer. I would love to group up and dungeon with people and when it comes to gearing up at max lvl "pitching in" is my thing. I will run (tank) any dungeon for a guildy so they can get thier gear together for raiding. I also love PvP and will be going dual spec Arms/Def in the future to crack some allie skulls. And in that regard it wouldn't hurt to find people in the guild to go BG's If you'd like me in your roster hit me up in the game. My main is called Seamos and I am always up for a chat when I am not tanking a dungeon
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