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  1. Jonxx


    You can see set realmlists for servers on main page on sunwell.pl after you login. Copy it and put it in realmlist.wtf
  2. Jonxx

    Drastic FPS drop

    Ok, first of all check the temps, wait with everything else till you're sure that's the problem. To check the temps you need to download some kind of application that will check it, for example my favorite is hwmonitor because it shows all temps you can check on pc: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html Launch the game and during low fps check if any GPU or CPU temps are above 80-90C~. That's when thermal throttling starts up. IF temps are high you will have to clean laptop from dust etc, you can use vaccum but do note that it's a little risky, best use canned air. You could probably google your laptop exact name to find some videos on how to disassemble and clean the laptop. There are for most. Another thing is to change thermal paste, but if you've never done it I wouldn't try without first watching a guide or two. (There are a lot of videos on that, possibly even for your laptop model) Now IF temps are in norm (always below 80C) then we'll have to think about something else.
  3. Jonxx

    Drastic FPS drop

    This have nothing to do with old WotLK client. I have much worse pc specs than you and my game is very smooth without any fps drops (always 70-80+) except in very crowded areas like Dalaran on peak times. Not to mention you said you have issues in Witcher 3. But if you don't want help it's your choice I guess... I've said already what you should try.
  4. Jonxx

    Drastic FPS drop

    Well, then unplug monitor and check if that's the issue? Also check temps like I said before, because it sounds a lot like overheating.
  5. Jonxx

    I'm getting my ass kicked

    For 2 there's your problem, the AH is very active on this server, so getting gathering profession and gathering early mats is a good way to earn some easy gold. Especially something like skinning, that you just do while leveling anyway. Later you can just discard the profession for something more useful. Ofc there are also other ways to play AH, but there are many guides on that topic. Once you have some money getting all sklls would probably help with 1. I'm sure there are some leveling guides for hunter as well... Never played him myself so I can't help with that. I guess it might be good idea to try doing some random dungeons and getting some gear there. I'm sure you're undergeared since because of exp boost you've done only quarter of quests you'd do on retail. It's going to level you up very fast on 4x exp boost as well.
  6. Jonxx

    Drastic FPS drop

    Can you check your cpu and gpu temperatures during those fps drops? With those specs you shouldn't have issues, even if you somehow had disabled virtual memory. If temp are higher than 85~ then your laptop might need cleaning. Also might be good to check the vram setting anyway. If you're on Win 7 go to Control Panel>System>Advanced system settings>Advanced Tab>Performance settings button>Advanced>Virtual Memory, click change and select system managed size and click set. Done, might need pc reset iirc. If you're on win 10 sorry but you'll have to google it or someone else will have to explain, I have no experience with that system.
  7. Jonxx

    Drastic FPS drop

    Would be great if you told us your full specs, and also check if the problem is there without legion models.
  8. Jonxx

    Problem with ping/ms

    The problem are lost packets. My normal pings are very low, (usually around 50ms), when the packet is lost, response time (as quartz addon shows) on casting spikes hard, sometimes to even 1.5k ms. Everyone around me and mobs stutter as well. It's pretty much a small disconnect.
  9. Jonxx

    Problem with ping/ms

    Finally dinged lvl 80, but can't do end game content, because wherever there are a lot of people online the lag is there as well. Anyway updated winmtr log from just now... https://pastebin.com/MAZtmrdT
  10. Jonxx

    Problem with ping/ms

    Ok, I have hoped for this issue to go away in some time, but it's been over a week and it's still happening in the afternoons, and in the evenings. I don't think it matters how much players there are on server because there's not much difference in how often the lag happens between 1.5k or 4k people on. Ping completely randomly just jumps to 500ms and over. I've taken some time today to make WinMTR log of ping to the server, to possibly locate where the issue lies. Here's the log: Now, it would appear, that there's no issue on my end, only once the connection reaches Frankfurt servers and further there are some losses. I'm not very knowledgeable about this topic, can anything be done about this? @Edit The log is a bit hard to read on forums so here's pastebin link which kept the format. https://pastebin.com/1txdttx7
  11. Jonxx

    Option to disable world PVP

    You're right I couldn't resist myself from reading your post again. Stupid, but I guess that's how humans are. But I don't regret it. Anyway, you've made a fair point, that someone from our side actually started insulting you. That person is not a friend of mine, and I've completely forgot he even said that, before you mentioned it. I can now understand a bit, why those exchanges were so harsh. Therefore I would like to apologize to both of you, it was wrong of me to be so aggressive. There was no need to escalate this situation. At any case I'll let someone else, more proficient in art of conversation, than me to carry on this the topic, because while I don't agree with everything you've said, you made some fair points about it as well. And honestly like I said in previous post, don't care about this topic enough. Have a nice day.
  12. Jonxx

    Option to disable world PVP

    Hmm, ignore system needs some work, still showed me your post on front page. Okay, I'll answer you one last time. No, you were not civilized. Saying you do something, does not make it true. "This is the game." - Agreed "You don't always get what you want in life." - Agreed, but it works both ways. World PvP could be disabled and you'd have to deal with it as well. "Nobody is forcing you to play it." - See above. Btw I never said this is gamebreaking for me. I can easily deal with world pvp. I haven't called YOU pathetic. I've called your usage of slippery slope fallacy pathetic. That's a huge difference. The moment you do that you've completely lost argument. I agree I was also kind of passive aggressive, but I was not the one who started it. It was you pseudo pvpers. Anyway, seriously not gonna respond anymore, gonna remove front page box with new replies, so I don't see your posts again. Bye!
  13. Jonxx

    Option to disable world PVP

    That's funny because you people pro-worldpvp are crying twice as much. You don't even have brain capacity for civil conversation, instead you go and insult anyone who disagree with you. I'm sure you've convinced anyone of anything. /s Well, bye, welcome to my ignore list. PS. Grow up.
  14. Jonxx

    Option to disable world PVP

    Not gonna respond to you again, since you do not seem to be interested in proper discussion. Have a nice day! (Or night)
  15. Jonxx

    Option to disable world PVP

    Hahah, there we go. Straight to slippery slope fallacy. Pathetic. At any case, it's not happening anyway, because from what I've gathered earlier by few searches, no world pvp leads to a much smaller server population. So case closed imo. You could simply point this out, instead of making dumb arguments.
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