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  1. Tide

    Orjahra ninjalist

    Hello Someone already took care of it Regards
  2. Tide

    appeal Terspet (dont know who)

    Hello you were muted by doremi and reason was : administration insult You are not muted anymore now Kind regards
  3. Tide

    Shaw (Baned by Piootrek) @Piootrek

  4. Hello Player punished Kind regards
  5. Tide

    [REPORT] Senszii

    Hello Honestly i don't think he got enough dps for that either player punished Kind regards
  6. Tide

    [Report] Dkay and Quinza

    Hello Sorry to hear that and i also agree that its a scummy thing to do but after winning an item you own it and you can do what ever you want with it .. sadly there is nothing against it in the rules Kind regards
  7. Tide


    Hello Player added to our ninja list Kind regards
  8. Tide

    Report Fukyouup

    Hello Thank you for your report I will take care of it once he is online Kind regards
  9. Tide

    [Report - Insult] Dkay

    Hello Player punished Kind regards
  10. Tide

    [Report - Insult] Papartank

    Hello Player punished Kind regards
  11. Tide

    [Report] Kotlety

    Hello Player punished Kind regards
  12. Tide

    [Report] Liika

    Hello Thank you for your report Player punished Kind regards
  13. Tide

    [Report] Icytears

    Hello Thank you Player punished Kind regards
  14. Tide

    Imuseless global chat banned by Tide

    Hello Sorry i was not around for a while seems like you already got unmuted anyway Regards
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