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  1. Tide

    [Report] Exp boosted by friend

    Hello Mob tagging is allowed sir They can even do that in dungeons Kind regards
  2. Tide

    Topic name: [Report] Diraniera

    Hello Player punished Kind regards
  3. Hello File on your link is not available Kind regards
  4. Tide

    [Report - Polish in RDF] Dooll

    Hello Player punished Kind regards
  5. Tide

    [Report] Deadpunch

    Hello I am sorry to say Ninja looting is taken into consideration only in the case of 10-25-40-Man raids. Ninja looting in Normal / Heroic Dungeons are not taken into consideration. My best regards
  6. Tide

    [Report] Stivii

    Hello Player punished kind regards
  7. Tide

    Guild is dead, can I take over?

  8. Tide


    @Azathothh ❤️
  9. Tide

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Hello Unbanned Kind regards
  10. Tide

    [PL] [PvE] <Enrage>

    Hello Done sorry for late response Kind regards
  11. Tide

    Pretor banned by Server

  12. Tide

    Orjahra ninjalist

    Hello Someone already took care of it Regards
  13. Tide

    appeal Terspet (dont know who)

    Hello you were muted by doremi and reason was : administration insult You are not muted anymore now Kind regards
  14. Tide

    Shaw (Baned by Piootrek) @Piootrek

  15. Hello Player punished Kind regards
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