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  1. Tide

    Gold begging spams

    Hello Your link is not working 404 Not Found Kind regards
  2. Tide

    RDF - not using english in chat

    Hello Thank you, Player punished Kind regards
  3. Hello You choose to be in that guild and we do not interfere with guild related issues Please add the player to your ignore list Kind regards
  4. Tide

    [ Report - Cancer wish ] Houbelius

    Hello Player punished Kind regards
  5. Tide

    Morellos Banned by GM Tide

    Hello Appeal accepted Please make sure it never happens again Kind regards
  6. Tide


    Hello you were reported through discord for not speaking english in dalaran Kind regards
  7. Tide

    Racism at its best

    Hello Funny .. first person is also polish.. Players punished Kind regards
  8. Tide

    Negative non-english language

    Hello Thank you Player punished Kind regards
  9. Tide

    [Report] Htb

    Hello I will try to keep an eye on him but it would nice to provide a small video next time one screenshot is not enough Thank you Kind regards
  10. Tide

    [Dzejkoboj] (Banned by Tide)

    Hello please contact me through discord Kind regards
  11. Hello Players punished Thank you Kind regards
  12. Tide

    Not speaking English on Battleground

    Hello Player was already punished by in-game report thanks Kind regards
  13. Tide

    unban please

    Hello please use appeal section with right format Kind regards
  14. Tide

    Helikopter mute 7 days by Tide

    Hello Appeal accepted Kind regards
  15. Tide

    [Jestemfajna] (Banned by Tide)

    Hello i will take your for it this time Unbanned Kind regards
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