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  1. Roki

    [Report] Mstein

    Your name - AdisiwyReported player's name - MsteinDate - as on photoRule that was broken - Polish Language in party channel/raid/dungeonDescription - Stayed on poison nova, just died then said how he is feeling at that momentEvidence -
  2. Roki

    Rokibalbaoo banned by Azerus

    Rokibalbaoo reason : polish language on global chat Game Master : Azerus( cant remember exactly how to write that) As i said on tickets, maybe some gms reading that will know. I apologize all i've done, i mean said something on polish language on global chat channel. It's a bit frustrating, doing guild raid run without even linking items to be replaced if drops from boss. For about 2 weeks without headset so i cant communicate by discord, have to spam on discord during raid. What i want to say is i apologize everyone i abused by that what i said, or just for that that was in polish. That is my second time, i asked Gm to unban me from chat, so he do. He was polite and apprciated that i know what i've done. That's my second and last chat ban. Im asking appealing for chat unban before it fades after 5 days. Thanks !
  3. Roki

    Report [Raicer]

    Your name - Rokibalbaoo Reported player's name - Raicer Date - 02.09.2018 Rule that was broken -22. ninjalooting Description - Raid lider gives token to person which not even roll item. Don't care about they are friends or no, we wiped once, there was much alt and low geared players and item goes to one of them. Item was not reserved. Evidence -
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