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  1. Micmen

    3v3 SoloQueue

    Would it be possible to enable some kind of a command to allow to Q soloQ anywhere in the world?
  2. Just an idea- since most of the top teams are dodging/sniping/switching setups 24/7, the gaming environment in 3s is quite unhealthy and rather difficult to climb to gladiator ranks. The proposition is simple-> create a tournament with rules and system that would effectively prevents current "champions" to q dodge/snipe and doing that, distribute the titles in a way that´s more fair. While I understand that getting a title is more about the time you have for the game, your willingnes to spend hours and days sniping and dodging than the actual skill you bring, and don´t get me wrong, such persistence should be rewarded, the tournament seems like a more elegant way. Any feedback is appreciated
  3. As you have probably noticed, the system you gained/lost rating in arenas was broken, which led to situations like teams at 3,4k rat and everyone with two hands having over 3k. Now it seems to be fixed and you get proper plus and minus. My point is as follows- since the end of the season is getting closer, the race for r1 and gladiator titles will be in motion. Now, the teams that already have these nonsense big ratings thanks to the old rating system could be resting safely, while the rest have a serious disadvantage as it´s waaay harder to climb the ladder now. Was it really necessary to implement this few days/weeks before the end of the season? It creates quite an unfair environment for competition. If I misread or misunderstood said changes, I apologize.
  4. Hi, just wanted to ask if there is anything being done about the lags/delay, that massively occur during peak hours?
  5. I honestly don´t get why a)Vyserk didn´t get IP ban and is still allowed to play on other characters b) his teammates remain unpunished, when there is no way they didn´t know about it. Can´t wait to see Furious gladiator Totsuka in 2 months...
  6. Is there anything happening about the latency? Currently it´s absolutely unplayable, at least as far as competitive pvp is concerned.
  7. Latency issues could be improved by a queue. Not a popular option, but it would help with the delay in peak hours. As for bugs, I honestly kinda gave up. As a warlock player, pets are basically useless, they don´t even transfer combat, which I´ve been told is on purpose (I guess develepers playing rogues much?). The feeling of your pet attacking enemy player while rogue happily saps you is simply precious. And I saw that the warrior got banned, which is nice, even though ridiculously late. No idea why his team members didn´t get banned as well, since it´s beyond clear they knew. Hopefully, others will follow.
  8. Hi, so I´m not really sure how to start topic without being offensive after having spent multiple 10+min queues trying to get 10 3v3 games while there were two other teams constantly being joined against each other, but could somebody please explain how the mmr system "works" here? I´d really love to know that.
  9. Micmen

    WG invitation

    Hey, can somebody explain me how does the WG invitation system work? It seems completely random whethetr I join 15 min before the battle starts or during. If there is any staff member still active I would like some official answer. Thanks
  10. Micmen

    Policy towards scripters

    Much appreciate all the reactions from the staff
  11. Hi, so I reported the bug when pets don´t give combat and was told that sunwell is aware of that bug, but has decided not to fix it. I would love some information as to what has led you to just think "yeeah lets just change it". If there is a dev in your team that hates warlock / plays rogues, it´s fine, but shouldn´t take it out on the whole server. Just really want to know what was going on in your minds when you decided to ignore this bug. This is a very dangerous precedent and it kinda makes it hard to take you seriously. Love
  12. Hi, I´m just curious what is sunwell´s policy towards scripters. I always thought it´s a perma ban for every scripter, but just today I saw xxx times proven script abusers Odium/Muffuhanberge joyfully playing arenas. I´m not trying to flame here, just want to know if it´s really without any consequances to script. thanks
  13. Yo sup, anybody knows how exactly the mmr system here works? I always thought that after some time, it would just q you against anybody (maybe increasing the mmr range progressively). Now we have been waiting in queue for 8 minutes and two teams few hundreds mmr below us are playing against each other x times in a row. So I´m just curious what´s the rule here?
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