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  1. Hi, so I´m not really sure how to start topic without being offensive after having spent multiple 10+min queues trying to get 10 3v3 games while there were two other teams constantly being joined against each other, but could somebody please explain how the mmr system "works" here? I´d really love to know that.
  2. Micmen

    WG invitation

    Hey, can somebody explain me how does the WG invitation system work? It seems completely random whethetr I join 15 min before the battle starts or during. If there is any staff member still active I would like some official answer. Thanks
  3. Micmen

    Policy towards scripters

    Much appreciate all the reactions from the staff
  4. Hi, so I reported the bug when pets don´t give combat and was told that sunwell is aware of that bug, but has decided not to fix it. I would love some information as to what has led you to just think "yeeah lets just change it". If there is a dev in your team that hates warlock / plays rogues, it´s fine, but shouldn´t take it out on the whole server. Just really want to know what was going on in your minds when you decided to ignore this bug. This is a very dangerous precedent and it kinda makes it hard to take you seriously. Love
  5. Hi, I´m just curious what is sunwell´s policy towards scripters. I always thought it´s a perma ban for every scripter, but just today I saw xxx times proven script abusers Odium/Muffuhanberge joyfully playing arenas. I´m not trying to flame here, just want to know if it´s really without any consequances to script. thanks
  6. Yo sup, anybody knows how exactly the mmr system here works? I always thought that after some time, it would just q you against anybody (maybe increasing the mmr range progressively). Now we have been waiting in queue for 8 minutes and two teams few hundreds mmr below us are playing against each other x times in a row. So I´m just curious what´s the rule here?
  7. Micmen

    Everything that is wrong with pets

    Wow, that´s just...special
  8. Micmen

    Everything that is wrong with pets

    Well 1) is very easy to reproduce. Just try to dispel poly off of your partner who happens to out of LoS. Your pet won´t move. And as for the combat bug, I would like some official statement. It´s cute that some think it was silly, but it´s still a bug. This way we can remove bladestorm, coz it´s retarded..This is not the way you want pvp to go..
  9. Yo, this is not a bug report and I know how to report bugs, but since this is a global problem I just want everybody to share their experiences. Plus the thing it´s been reported for months with zero response doesn´t help either, but that´s another issue. Anyway, all warlock players have noticed that pets are close to useless. What I´ve noticed - 1) Can´t use their abilities when not in LoS- it just says "Target not linen in sight" instead of the pet running to use desired ability and returning as it should be.) 2) Doesn´t transfer combat to warlock- When you send your pet to attack enemy, warlock should be in combat. That basically means no sap. The cherry on the cake for me is when I´m in CC, my pet is literally hitting an enemy player and I get saped. 3) Generally weird behaviour, you send it to your target, it returns for no reason, sometimes it walks retardedly slow, etc. I´m not sure if this applies for other pet classes as well, so feel free to contribute so that we can create a thorough bug report.
  10. Micmen

    Dargor (Banned by Crafty)

    Character Name: Dargor, Skuveklis Punishment Reason: Losing arena matches intentionally Game Master: Crafty Summary: Hello, the other day I got banned on my characters Dargor and Skuveklis. The reason was stated as "Intentionally losing arena matches." From my understanding and from many years of experience playing on other servers, this rule is concerned about wintrading- losing arena matches intentionally while letting some other team/ teams get points and thus higher rank. What I did was simply queue and never log the arena, which means that nobody got any rating. It´s a common procedure when you start a new team and don´t feel like waiting 10 min for every arena. There is absolutely no harm in doing that (maybe besides enemy team´s a minute wasted). Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be something I might be concerned about, especially since I´ve seen so many players dropping their mmr (basically every team with a nearly perfect w/l score). I contacted Crafty on discord who told me to write Piootrek, on whose command was the ban delivered. He never replied. I understand that somebody did tell on me and wished me harm, but as I stated, it simply doesn´t seem like something ban worthy. Thank you for your consideration.
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