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  1. Topic name: [Report] [TOC] [25 Man] Topic content: TOC 25 Giving an Agility belt to a Resto Druid when the roll was stated as MS Your name - Yip Reported player's name - Wyrzynacz / Proximus Date - 07/11/2019 Rule that was broken - The roll was clearly specified as Main Spec, as you can see in the pictures provided, but an agility/attack power belt was handed to a Resto Druid named Wyrzynacz by Proximus Description - 3 People rolled for the main spec roll on [Belt of the Merciless Killer] which is an Agility/ Attack power belt, A shadow priest " Luminica " a Resto Druid " Wyrzynacz " and me... a Rogue... somebody who actually needed the item. The item was given to the Resto druid despite being a Main Sped roll. I understand you cannot recover that item to me... but for peace of mind that this is a fair server it'd be awesome to see some kind of punishment. I donated to the server today so would find it awesome to see GM's are still taking actions on rule violations. Evidence - Pictures provided
  2. Gizpyro

    Talking Polish in RDF

    Topic name: [Speaking Polish] Topic content: Players not speaking English in chat Your name - Yale Reported player's name - Vilofolzz and Kirialaa and Vilofolzz Date - 6/17/2019 Rule that was broken - Description -Vilofolzz and Kirialaa and Vilofolzz talking polish in Dungeon Finder constantly. I have print screens... They kicked me on the last boss, right before the end because I said I was going to report. Evidence -
  3. Topic name: [Report] [Naxx] [25 Man] Topic content: Naxx 25 Wrong person given the loot Your name - Yale Reported player's name - Madrekos / Hatez Date - 09/12/2018 Rule that was broken - Taken an item and giving it another player despite my higher roll. My roll was a little late compared to the first few rolls ... but the leader only gave 3 seconds to roll ... my roll was less than 10 seconds after the roll was announced and there was no " End roll " warning / Confirm. I feel he ended the roll early to give the loot to his friend. Description - We both rolled for the Mantle of the Lost Protector, mine was less than 10 seconds later but it WAS the last roll out of everybody. Hatez rolled less than me but Madrekos gave it to him, I rolled as fast as I could after checking the item was for me! I asked Hatez for the item but he quickly exchanged the token for the shoulders so that I had no chance to get the item given to me. I hope you can help, this has upset me. Don't worry if you can't help, I understand my roll was slow so this might not be an easy topic to answer but the leader did an unusually fast rolls with no warning of it ending. Yale Evidence - Pictures provided
  4. Gizpyro

    Report: Language & Racism

    Topic name: [Report] [Racism] [Not Speaking English] Topic content: A report regarding a player who was racist and spoke another language other than English in a party group Your name - Yip Reported player's name - Ciasnajanina Date - 02/08/2018 Rule that was broken - Not speaking English in party chat + Racism Description - Ciasnajanina kept calling me a "Nygga" trying to be smart spelling the racist word wrong. He also spoke another language and then removed me from the party for telling him I would report if he kept being racist / speaking another language. Not entirely sure if this a punishable offence... but thought I would share regardless. Cheers for your time @GM Evidence - Picture provided
  5. Gizpyro

    [Ninja Looter] - Disturbia

    Topic name: [Report] [Naxx] [25 Man] Topic content: Your name - Yip Reported player's name - Disturbia / Flippers Date - 08/30/2018 Rule that was broken - Taken an item and giving it to an enhancement shaman while I was combat main spec and my roll was far higher. Description - We both rolled for the Calamity's Grasp which is a fist weapon, both an enhancement Shaman And I a combat Main Spec rolled for the item with no main spec or off spec rules provided. The item was given to Flippers by Disturbia saying " It's not her main spec " when I would have used it in Combat AND Assassination. Please help me, I would love the item be changed to the correct winner of the drop, much thanks for reading regardless of the decision. Yip / Fornless Evidence - Pictures provided
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