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  1. Palazzi

    Feronis > Agrathar transfer.

    Ostatnie Szlify !!!! :D I recommend you to make a one-time change of faction when transferring from Fero I want everyone had the possibility of a one-off faction faction for the people of Fero have already the same class as at Angrathar. So good that it would be possible to change factions though one figure. How somebody is for .LIKE pls
  2. Palazzi

    Angrathar - Important News

    Slowlu Dragobliht eat Sunwell so transfers from Fero is good but Change Feronis realm to Cata we dont have Worked 100% Cata servers best time for this i give 10k gold if Cata start many ppl back here and give big online in WOTLK and Cata !Probly trolled this Note but old players see what ppl play now on Angrathar .Max 2 k online its not good try now exp and geared new Char .Good Luck and global calssic start so very good luck with 1 realm and patch .
  3. Hi, you have a problem zv maps, maybe it does not bother others, you do not see ahahaahah but it is funny to see such a bug on the old adder where it is important. So I pull the mob behind the building and put the dmg through the walls I can not do it. I advise you from Hellgraund !!!
  4. Palazzi

    MS jump only this server !!!!!!!

    Hello, I have a problem with ping only on this server I tested 3 others and there is no talk about jumping internet lags. Sometimes as I log in it immediately pops up as if I did not have internet in the game I jump MS to 600-800. I do not know what is the reason any help mile I SEE IT, I DO NOT HAVE ITP SUNS FOR GREEN.
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