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  1. roxon

    [Xantis](Banned by Naevys)

    Character name : Xantis Punishment Reason : botting Game master : Naevys Summary : I play with my girlfriend on the same internet because we live together. While she was running towards Felwood, I was doing a quest. We play on two different accounts. We could have the same IP, but we still did different activities. If there is another reason for banning my accounts, please advise me about the reason for bans. Regards ,
  2. roxon

    Roxon (Banned by Asureuz)

    Character nick - Roxon Punishment Reason - Speed hack Game Master - Asureuz Summary - I use the internet from my phone to play wow . I often have lags and recently I rode a horse and when I got the lag I got off of it and ran on the auto run, that's why it looked like I was using speed hack but I never use any hacks .
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