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  1. Ulthar

    [Insulting] Kheloc

    opic name: [Report] Name Topic content: Your name - Tlaxcala Reported player's name -Kheloc Date - 24-01-2019 Rule that was broken - 6. Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option. Description - Nothing to say. He was insulting whole BG group all the time. Evidence -
  2. Ulthar

    Noggenfogger Elixir - Bugged.

    It's not a bug, it works as it should. Patch changes Patch 5.0.4 (28-August-2012): Players may now use mounts while under the skeleton effect. Patch 3.3.0 (08-Dec-2009): Players shrunk while under the effects of this item will now be able to mount.
  3. Ulthar

    Rdudu Needs Some Tips/Help

    First of all, get an addon for Clearcasting proccs (TellMeWhen does it for me and its easy to configure) and use them for Lifebloom. It heals fairy well and when conjured with Clearcasting costs no mana yet giving you half of the base cost. This one trick will greatly reduce your mana problems. Early on mana can be an issue even for resto druids, so you can buy Innervate glyph as you will probably be using this a while (you will probably not change it untill you will start raiding). Speccing into Revitalize (that Tier9 resto talent) also helps with mana problems. That talent can give you whole mana cost of rejuvenation with 3/3 when it proccs on you. When you hit 80, one thing you can buy to cut your mana problems in half is a Naxx25m idol, 213 iLvl, that greatly reduces Rejuvenation mana cost. Keep this one even later when your gear progresses - idols are considered as weapons, can be changed mid fight. Useful to equip that even with better gear when you, for example die and got CBressed/had soulstone. Knowing a dungeon encounters also helps a lot. When I was lvling my druid as resto, i knew when i should rejuvenate whole party and when is is enough to only put one on the tank. When someone is not used to healing overally, this is not advised tho. Nothing more comes to my mind for now and no time to write more specific. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, will try to answer them
  4. It is blizzlike, when it suits them. It is a bug when it suits them. It ruins expansion lore when it suits them. Fix that well known teleportation bug, also that with possibility to use flight mount when coming from another zone while WG lasts.
  5. What I can recommend you is to heal few normal dungeons, even those 70-75 ones, ex. the Nexus is pretty easy, so ypu can get used to your spell priority without much stress. Spell priority is to keep your Rejuvenation on as many players as your mana allowes, but be sure to keep this on your tank every time he pulls anything. Later on when your mana regen is better, using your spare GCDs to hot everyone is a good way to be prepared for unexpexted raid(partywide) dmg. On 80 lvl you use Healing Touch only with your Nature's Swiftness, as Nourish is always higher HpS. Get any addon who announces Clearcasting procs and, when not in a healing stress, use them with your Lifebloom. It will cost nothing, yet give you some mana (pretty useful trick to have in mind as long as you don't have Solace or overall good gear). If you are using any raid frames like Healbot or Grid, set them to flash any player's frame when he gets aggro/is near to have an aggro on himself. Then prehot them with at least Rejuvenation. Swiftmend is mostly useful with glyph, when it doesn't remove any hot when used. It is used as our Oh Crap button with higher priority to use than HT+Swiftness combo, as has ofc lower cd. Using it is really situational and you have to get used to it by yourself.
  6. It surely is wrong what they did, but they won't be punished as long as you do not put that thread in a appropriate place on forum - Administrative Issues -> Player Reports. Rule of law, buddy 😊
  7. Ulthar

    Chat Channels, suggestion and why

    Yes, do it. I am playing on Angrathar and that global spam is so freakin mess. Do not make this mistake once again on TBC realm. No rules on global means constant spam of shit not related to any advertisement, like random talks etc. I am also encouraging you to do that on WotLK realm too, BEFORE ICC hits. This would save your players from a lot of frustration. My guess is that was done to show new players that server is heavily populated. Well, imo not worth the problems it causes.
  8. Ulthar

    Will I be able to cacth up?

    First of all, you want to be able to go for ToCh HC, where you can get decent 213 (219?) ilvl equipment. You can also find any Naxx10/25 PuG and get there your gear. It is faceroll even with blue 187-200 average ilvl and takes around 2 IDs to get gear to be able to go for ToC10m (not those 4k5 gs emblem runs but still, maybe alt run or any guild run with u as fillers). Flame Leviathan 10/25m is always an option, and no gear requirement.
  9. Ulthar

    79 twinking

    I was considering to do a twink myself, now I am regretting even stepping into this thread... really, so cacerous community
  10. Ulthar

    Black Market - Description!

    And what about those 80 lvl chars? You don't wanna play them yet you can't sell them. I mean it really cripples the market, cause how many people have those chars up to 78? Almost all of them are 79(twinks) and 80(where the game really begins) ... look at the market and see for youself, it is full of 30-60 lvl crap and like 5% of characters on market is worth buying when it comes to saving time (those 75+). Besides, none of them got well skilled proffesions.
  11. Ulthar

    Black Market - Description!

    The major drawback for me is that you can't sell 80 characters. Got a couple of them and might as well trade them. Maybe you could allow us to sell 80 toons and when purchase is done, that character gets downgraded to 78 lvl, huh? I'm guessing that if anyone had a spare character, like 70+ lvl, problably got 80 this far with it.
  12. Ulthar

    transfer aly to horde

    As soon as you and ~20 other players will approve, that €30 for this fearure being considerable price 😋
  13. Ulthar

    About the PvP status of the server

    True, premades are now the only hope, still balance literally does not exist.
  14. Ulthar

    About the PvP status of the server

    With the start of s7 and ToC season, Alliance facerolls 90% of the BGs. Thats a huge difference, as before new seasons, Horde was losing "only" ~65% of BGs , what was bearable if you were freakin unlucky to choose Horde as your side to play some BGs. True, Horde now holds those higher places on ranked arenas, and because, like Tuhka said, anyone who is non-braindead and actually wants to have some FUN of PvP on this server, goes to play arenas and doesn't give a f*ck about BGs anymore... With no major changes it will stay as it is right now. Maybe this crossBG isnt so bad idea after all... even as an event or separate queue, not completely ovwewriting actual one?
  15. Ulthar

    Engineering on mage pve ?

    If you want to max your dps, forget about mining - it gives no damage amplifying bonuses. You should choose then between engi and tailo. Tailoring gives decent amount of spellpower on procc, enchanting gives stable 46 sp, and engi gives spellpower enchant for cloak, pure crit ench for.your boots+ rocket speed and last, but not least, hyperspeed enchant for gloves. Also adds utility like mailbox or Jeeves - really fun profession. If you already started engineering, imo - go for it. When it comes to dps,only tailoring can compete with engineering. I can't give you exact numbers of gains from every profession, I am on mobile phone now.
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