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  1. Sixele

    turiu klausima

    Zaidziu as (nick Irresistible) su draugu Klol, atpazinau va viena lietuvi globale, nes vardas buvo Kaunas :)))
  2. Sixele

    Sunwell client minor issues

    Hello! As the title states, so far I have encountered several minor issues which irritate me, perhaps I'm not the only one, and there's a fix? Google didn't help with these questions. 1. ONLY on blood elves (only tried playing Horde though) any nets cast by enemies are HUGE. like take up the whole screen. Doesn't matter if it's you, or your fellow belf party-goer. 2. Are boars/wildhogs supposed to be this huge? Like a man standing next to some bulldozer. Probably most of my issues are with ENLARGED sizes of various things. There are probably more but I didnt even care that much because I don't remember well enough to compare with how it's supposed to be.
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