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  1. Ciri

    Newbie Feral Question

    Math is your friend. feral bear: (151 dmg + 193 dmg) / 2.44 s = 141 dmg / s feral cat: (71 dmg + 88 dmg) / 0.96 s = 165 dmg / s
  2. Ciri

    Hacked char?

    Not possible, he have all reputation on starting level.
  3. Ciri

    Hacked char?

    I decided to report this player, its not possible to make char like that.
  4. Your name - I finished playing wowReported player's name - PandoraaDate - 06.04.2018 ?Rule that was broken - using chacksDescription - Player own character impossible to make without hacksEvidence - https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Pandoraa - lvl 10-70 in single day - no talents - no riding skill - starting gear - all reputation neutral 0/3000 - no other achievements like 50 quest completed etc.
  5. Ciri

    Hacked char?

    https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Pandoraa Can someone explain me how it is possible to get lvl 76 and don't get any other achievement? Also lvl 1 gear and lvl 70 in single day.
  6. Ciri

    Best Professions for Fury Warrior

    If y want get maximum dps on Hunter pick jc+bs, engi is overrated. JC and BS provide your best stat increase. Engi gives you haste on hands insted of agility, which is prety pathetic. Also if you know how to play, extra mobility is not neccesary and cant provide any dps boost (excluding Four Horsemen encounter, but still not worth). Also icewalker enchant on boots will help y get amount of hit y want (5 , 6, 7, 8 %) which also help you optamlize your stats to maximalized dps. If y didnt plan play PvP also, there isnt real reason to pick engi over jc/bs.
  7. Ciri

    Angrathar: Information Update!

    What exactly mean "all Realm Firsts", all 80 RF? all 80 + all profession RF? or all 80, prof and Conqueror of Naxxramas ?
  8. Hi, i have idea. 1. Set base exp rate higher than x1 (x2, x3, x2 1-70 w/e), so lazy / working people can get their 80 faster. 2. Allow to set xp rate as x1 (with option to change to base xp rate). Then reward everybody who get lvl 80 using x1 whole time. Reward should be unique and obtainable only this way. Probably mount, pet, title (? im not sure if adding title is possible in core). IMO mount is best choice. So people who like x1 exp can go this way and not feel like they wast time but they play in way they like and also work for reward. What do y think abaut that solution guys?
  9. You can expect dynamic respawn, we got it on our 1st realm (polish one).
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