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  1. Grozotija

    120. Berkecan

    The Guy is out of the guild, so the guild got nothing in there ^^, Hf with the report, i vouch for him geting the thing he deserved
  2. Grozotija

    [Report- Ninjalooting] Krvnik

    @Iamhaosh. Both of them are my in real life friends, and we were speaking on discord, if it was ninja looting they would probably report me and as u can see we are from same guild. I think it will be better for you if u start watching your job, let me do my job.
  3. Grozotija

    Ninja loot KT 25

    Hello. First of all, i am rolling holy gear since raid started and i rolled just for Shield, i won it as u can see on your picture. 2cnd post full chat from us, not just few parts from the conversation. Have a good day.
  4. Grozotija

    Repoer Bye & Rokx

    Your name - GrozotijaReported player's name -Rokx & ByeDate - 02.08.2018Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Losing item on roll and taking it.Evidence - P.s. i cant show u rolls on chat, because i am using addon for rolls, its called Raid Roller and its on screen on both photos.
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