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    Time-lost Drake, loot buged

    Hello, I was flying around storm peaks doing daily JC quest. Suddenly npc-scan alerts that Time-Lost Proto Drake is close to me, but i already have one (yeah, u will say what a lucky bastard). So my first thouth was to invite my friend Harryson to party, so he could grab that rare mount. I pull the drake on the cliff (u can see location on attached screenshots) and i wait for Harryson, just keeping agro on time-lost. When my friend arrived and we kill drake, his body fall under textures so we cant loot him. We try to loot by many angles, jumps but noting work. I made few screenshots with drake corpose under textures, and loot owner. I hope that this evidences will be enought. If you accept this request, please send drake to Harryson, hi is realy disappoint now. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 From Harryson Greetings Memel
  2. Emmel

    Memel (Muted by Tide)

    Character Name: Memel Punishment Reason: english only in public places / dungs Game master: Tide Summary: Hi, I just start playing 2-3 days ago after break. The Feronis realm have low population now, so i decide to make new character on Angrathar. Few min ago i got muted for 7 Days, after writing literally one sentence in polish language on rdf chat. I didnt even know that is forbidden, but of course i know that ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from compliance. Is any posibility to lower this 7 days punishment? I can promise you that will never happend again Thank you for answer and have a nice day. Here is some screenshoots: https://imgur.com/a/LOE8cSg https://imgur.com/a/Ek58CfR
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