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  1. Slave

    save sunwell

    What Sunwell Crew are doing to save the realm? They are turning off players online counter from website That's how good team should work! GJ
  2. Slave

    Server is almost dead

    Because they don't give AF about this. This server were supposed to be just a cashgrab for them, nothing else.
  3. Hello, I'm thinking about join to your guild with my wife but I see u r bunch of friends from other realms, and here is my Q. Do u need Tankadin and Warlock/Hunter in your roster? Edit: Thx for the answer I see u have a tankadin, GL to you
  4. Slave

    DK Class Quest Glitched?

    Try to change weapons (i mean swap both one handed weapons) It helps for me
  5. Slave

    [Horde] Pure Luck

    Hello, if u still LF Disci then I'm in!
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