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    Everything that is wrong with pets

    Haven't experienced 1) or 3) as a warlock myself. I have noticed, however, that hunter pets have a ridiculous warp speed when out of combat. This is quite exploitable when, for example, you first engage in combat as a hunter and your pet rushes 100 yards away to a target in a flash. As far as I know 2) is a controlled and intended change to a game mechanic that was just silly in retail.
  2. Tuhka

    About the PvP status of the server

    Quite frankly, no. Most Battlegrounds end up being the same geared up Alliance players that camp the BGs on daily basis boosting their team against the fresh Horde or alts that instantly stop running BGs the moment they get arena starting gear to escape the cesspool. This creates a very noticable gear cap in random battlegrounds. Not 90% overall, but random battlegrounds are actually quite horrid. This has been the situation for the past few days on random BG (SS taken right as this is written): If you're into arenas, Alliance does give you a significantly smoother ride to starter gear and better racials overall. If you're into battlegrounds, Angrathar isn't for you (unless you enjoy premades, since then the situation turns around and you end up being the one steamrolling without much challenge but getting extra honor in the process). Alliance usually holds WG by default until the last few days when people on the Horde want their weekly VoA and start forming teams to blitz it. In between it's mostly people tolerating the 2-6 tenacity starts on Horde for the 1 mark you get for sitting in. Here's the stats that speak for themselves: That being said, right now the top teams in all arena brackets are Horde. Fun is subjective. If you don't want to roll human or nelf for op racials, don't. Winning against ridiculous odds is sometimes more fun than getting carried. Whatever floats your boat. Edit: Added WG stats.
  3. Your name: LentisReported player's name: Selvana, Zloyvolk, TrimaDate: 3.9.2018Rule that was broken: non-English on publicDescription: /y spamming in Orgrimmar in cyrillics for an extensive time (30min+ observed).Evidence: Attached
  4. Hi, I've been having some trouble using my Felhunter's Devour magic. No matter what magical buffs an offensive target has, I cannot dispel any of them. Instead I get "Nothing to dispel". I tried even mouse clicking the skill in the pet bar to make sure it's not a macro issue but to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is this intended? Cheers.
  5. Tuhka

    Hows the pvp on this server?.

    PvP is Alliance-heavy beyond ridiculousness. 26 vs 2 on the BG ques aren't an uncommon sight. This server generally functions better than Warmane but if you're into PvP, stick with Blackrock unless you're motivated to get through the gearing nightmare of a seriously skewed random PvP.
  6. This morning at WG Horde started with 13 tenacity. Playing there felt like sitting naked in an anthill, yeah, sure, you can squat some but trying something beyond a few free kills (god forbid, actually do any actual PVP) was a lost cause. The PvP balance is getting beyond ridiculous, it's been 2 weeks since I've seen Horde have WG and 3 days since I've seen a BG victory. Honestly I've no idea how this could be fixed, though. Even once in a blue moon when the gear difference isn't gladiator vs fresh dinged blues (that haven't seen the state of 80 PvP yet and actually try it beyond arenas) the BG's start 9 vs 15 and are essentially lost before they even out. It's such a shame since everything else seems to work better here coming from Warmane but there's just absolutely no PvP community here, just faceroll unchallenged or get facerolled. Take your pick at character creation. Some sort of a soft compensatory method could be added for WG that eventually weakened the walls at each defensive victory could be a quick-fix for a whole instance essentially being locked out for a whole faction. This wouldn't fix the balancing issue and overall sorry state of PvP, but it'd be something.
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