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  1. Icecrown Citadel 25 Raid ID 29362. We had 0 shadowfrost shards drop on 12 bosses with 2 heroics. We also did not have the quest item drop on Syndragosa. We have done the syndragosa weekly quest before with no issues. This must be a bug. I asked a GM and they said the shadowfrost shard drop rate with blizzlike. That means the odds of 0 shards dropping on 12 bosses with 2 heroics iis 0.009% or something impossibly low. If one shard had dropped I would understand its bad luck but for 0 to drop in addition with the quest item not dropping on syndragosa, it must be a bug. Please check our raid ID and roll our loot table for shards.
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    they should all be perma banned its a joke
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