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  1. nety

    Levenstein banned by Asureuz

    reason: Ninjalooting GM: Asureuz Summary: I was banned because of I took wf hands in voa without roll yet there was 1 more priest. First I did not realize that there is another priest so I took it without roll and when that priest (that reported me) told me I already had gem on them so I could not trade them to him. I am sorry that this happened and I swear this will not happen again. Please unban me or atleast reduce my ban because I have so many characters to play arenas etc. and I dont want to lose my arena partners. Have a nic day.
  2. nety

    acc ban

    acc: Nety I got banned for "Ninjalooting" but I havent ninjad anything. Screenshots that that guy posted are completely irrelevant and shouldnt be considered as proofs because they are not proving anything. I feel really offended for getting banned for nothing and I want my acc to be unbanned otherwise me and my friends are permanently done with this server.
  3. There are no S3 shoulders (atleast not for hunter) in Blades Edge MOuntains in front of Circle of Blood arena Gm told me that thats a bug and I should post it
  4. Scorpid sting + chimera shot isnt disarming the target. Please fix this bug immidietly.
  5. nety

    Pato muted by ???

    Pato muted by ??? For 1 week Kindly asking you for removing my mute, Wow is unplayble without asking for inv to raids etc. I will be good boy now, I swear.
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