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  1. Sooo... I create account a few years ago, i farmed Achievements, gold, items. I send donations and now, i have ban for hacks ... and u can't delete my gold, achivements, characters and fu* donation points!? I Can't even delete my own account... Yeah... I create accounts and using hacks on new accounts, because i was angry (because i got banned on fb by MrCule, because i wrote "Old Scarlet Monastery event the same as on ToD" - so i got ban for saying truth and i got 30 days ban for killing dwarf hunter inside WG, yeah he even send me warning in ingame mail 2 days before ban ). And now i can't play with friends who decide to play there... Nice. If u can do nothing just delete my account please. Because i don't see any option like that in player panel. THANK YOU.
  2. [b]Character Name:[/b] Rokhan [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] hacks ? [b]Game Master:[/b] Azathothh [b]Summary:[/b] Hello. I would like to ask you to unban my account. I just want play with my friends on Frosthold. I don't know why there is another ban from Azathothh (i stopped playing when I got 7 days mute for Polish language and then i got 30 days ban from MrCule if i remember correctly). I want to go back to the server with my friends. If u can't unban me, maybe u can idk. "clean" my account by delete all characters or something... I really want to play here. THX for help.
  3. rafallf2

    WTF is this!? Banned by server!?

    Character Name: Kismet Punishment Reason: Anticheat violation Game Master: Server Summary: Hello. I want to log in to my account 15 min ago and game says it's banned! Idk why. Today I've reinstalled windows because I had a lot of viruses. After I install game, I found out that I got a ban from the server yesterday. I do not know what to do, please help I didn't do anything wrong
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