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  1. Well, that response doesn't bring anything new to the table.
  2. I know this is Angrathar related forum, but I'm posting it here since it's only alive forum. Today is exactly one year since the last log on the MoP changelog. Has Sunwell given up on that server?
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    Your name - Diarraheus Reported player's name - Animalmaster Date - 07.07.2018 Rule that was broken - II point 6 Description - I didn't ress him at the end of Utgarde Keep, when for 5th or 6th time he didn't ress and just waited for others to do the job for him. Maybe it was kinda dickish thing from my side, but wishing death upon somebody is a little bit too much in my opinion and should be punishable. (Screenshoted before I read a rules on reporting so that's why the chat is not resized) Regards Evidence -
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