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  1. Seiyaapt

    Frosthold Teaser & Some Informations.

    There's couple points i'd like to tackle, but first I highly suggest that you refrain from misdirecting players or give false information to get more players on the start. This is especially important to key factors that will actually weight in the players decision of playing here or elsewhere. 1. XP, Profession, Rep(, etc) Rates - My opinion is my own, I don't feel the need to actually say what kind of rates I'd like, but if 2 servers / realms are opening at the same time this will be the first thing I'll look at to decide where I'll play. Personally choosing between a realm where I can have fun without wasting too much time on stuff that doesn't really matter (focus on pve and pvp), or will have to suffer through countless hours of grinding xp, or waste hours and hours just to have basic profession stuff isn't really a choice. 2. Raid difficulty - I enjoyed Naxx... I enjoyed Naxx a lot on Angrathar, but that's as far as I go when it comes to raid difficulty. The buffs on the other raids weren't enjoyable at all, and as such I appreciate full honesty on the release, if there will be non-mythic buffs in anything other then Naxx it's important to tell the players beforehand, saying there won't be just to lure players in Naxx and then buffing it anyway will only give bad reputation and not achieve anything. BE HONEST ABOUT IT THIS TIME. 3. Mythic difficulty - This is great, if it means normal / heroic modes will be blizzlike then it means everyone from pug-only players to hardcore guilds will be able to enjoy PVE, however only cosmetic stuff seems a bit underwhelming. I think one good way to go about the mythic loot in a way its appealing to players without unbalancing anything is to give more loot, for example... let's say... Lich King heroic gives 2 items (example), then Lich King mythic should give 4 items + the cosmetic stuff. This would encourage players to actively engage in mythic tries as it would speed up their progression. And once again, I urge you to be honest about the server features on release! We want to know exactly what will be buffed and what will be the rates. Edit: Be careful with the surveys as you will likely get feedback from a very restrictive group of players that does not represent your potential population, go out on facebook, reddit, WoW communities, etc and try to grasp what kind of features attracts more players or is generally better received by most players. I for once happened to come across this survey, I played here in the past but ended up quitting because I wasn't having fun anymore. If the survey gets the majority of the votes from the players who kept playing here then that's probably a recipe for disaster, at this point i'd say feedback from the players who eventually left server (there was 5k players peak so that is a lot of players who left) should be highly valued so you don't commit whatever mistakes made those players leave in the first place.
  2. Seiyaapt

    Angrathar: Endgame

    i feel like the only option we're left with, if we want quality gameplay at this point, is finding another server it's not the 1st or 2nd time this happens, announce some buffs, then modify those buffs, then announce nerfs, then announce other nerfs, then change it again and all according to random posts on forum, this is typical of a bad server management, especially from graal.. it's like he's insecure of what he's doing and posts an idea of what to do next, then sees comments and adapts till he has as litle negative feedback as possible i came to the server on release and i admit i enjoyed naxx, a lot, but then it has been disaster after disaster.. still, just like everyone else i waited for icc since its pointless to come to a wotlk server and invest almost an year and not finish icc, and in the end i was disapointed... especially after reading this topic, angrathar has already been paying the population toll for their bad decisions and we should just let them reap what they have been sowing and as a final point the announcement of a custom instance is just a sad desperate move to try to keep as much population as possible, it is not a bad idea but the timing of its announcement reeks of despair
  3. Your name - SeiyaReported player's name - KomdfkDate - 29/1/2019Rule that was broken - Other languageDescription - Queued rdf to get the daily 2 eof, immediately 2 players ask for a kick, since those 2 players were tank and healers it would imply a long wait time for the rest of us, they sucessfully kick the healer but not the tank, the tank was dungeon guide and refused to queue us in rdf again after the 1st kick since we wouldn't kick him and he didn't wanna take deserter, so I open a ticket and tell him I'm calling a gm if he doesn't queue us. He replied to me in a weird language which after a quick search in google can be easily identified as an aggressive curse in bulgarian.Evidence - https://ibb.co/8sqfxqp
  4. i agree if ur point with the buffs is more about screwing over more casual guilds then to actually be challenged by hard content if that is the case i absolutely agree with you edit: wow this guy has 16 posts in this thread idk why i even bother replying, this sort of behavior is typical of flat earthers and such who desperately try to defend smth they deep down know its wrong, idk what you're trying to achieve with this behavior but i'm gonna take the bet that if the buffs were entirely up to you then toc buffs would make ulduar buffs look child play and you'd cause server pve scenery death before even icc i'll just tell you this and it's the last reply you'll get from me, you should think more about the big picture and less about yourself
  5. yep some people want more buffs, sure some ppl think its good like this, thats fine and some ppl say this is overbuffed and it should be blizzlike, thats also fine what are the odds that everyone would agree to the same thing? now let's not doubt for a second that whilst is impossible to please everyone, if the raids are too easy maybe 1 or 2 guilds will disband as opposed to if raids are too hard a lot of them will disband, it's up to the balancing team to decide if they'd rather have hardcore guilds leaving server or casual guilds leaving server (this is a worst case scenario) or if they can work smth out that can keep both sides happy in my opinion if ure not going to be blizzlike better to just add an npc in the start, u talk with the npc and activate the hard heroic mode with these values, else u don't talk to npc and get the blizzlike heroic mode (kinda like hellscream on icc) this way no one can QQ it's too easy or too hard
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