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  1. zmijek

    Rszamxelex banned by Asureuz

    Character name: Rszamxelex Punishment reason: Fixed 5v5 arena Game master: Azureuz Summary: I got banned for no reason at all, dont know for how long cuz my account status keep saying im "active", and its dumb overall to be honest. We played some 5v5 arenas and we got accused wintrading vs some randoms we never met before. I know we ressurected some of them during arena but that was only because they are so bad that we could beat them 2 times. (we wont tryhard vs rouge with cloth set for 78 lvl caster...................) I dont see any reason to ban us... esecially only 4 of us ( XDDD ) and no penalities to enemy team??? IF U DONT WANT PPL TO PLAY STUPID 5V5 BRACKET DISABLE IT BECAUSE SEEMS LIKE PPL CANT HAVE FUN DURING ARENA OR THEY WILL GET BANNED... Would be nice if u can remove this pointless ban or at least give us more evidences of us "wintrading" or smthing. AT LEAST GIVE ME REAL REASON OF OUR BAN. Thanks
  2. zmijek

    Report - Hejlhotler

    Your name - Rszamxelex Reported player's name - Hejlhotler Date - 29.06.2018 Rule that was broken - 10. Using Blizzard icon in chat is prohibited. Impersonating a staff member will result in a permanent ban. Description - Player says that he will ban me Evidence -
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