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  1. [A] <RankWatch> (NA) is recruiting. Newly formed guild with experienced leaders from this and other servers. Experienced core raiders that have cleared 12/14 25m and 13/14 10m, in the short week and a half we have been together. We are a Hardcore guild looking to push HM's in 25/10m. 25m ulduar on Wed 8-11pm EST (Th 2-5am server); Sat 7pm-12am EST (Sun 1-6am server) 10m ulduar(s) weekly as well as voas/naxx25 and most other content. Looking for Ranged DPS primarily but will consider all exceptional players. We expect you to be on-time, gemmed properly, enchanted properly, spec'd properly. We have a high standard for our raiders and raid in a serious environment. If interested please message on discord ( Dizang#1803 ), or in-game. ( Dizang, Mattifur ).
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