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  1. Ajres

    [Report] Pato

    Topic content: Your name: Ajres Reported player's name - Pato Date - 27.06.2018 Rule that was broken - hate speech, flaming mother Description - flaming mother when i didnt give him bracers Evidence - screen
  2. Ajres

    Tank - druid or dk?

    which class is most popular as tanks? Pal/War or Dk?
  3. Ajres


    Hi, can someone tell me (coz i cant find) when togc/icc will be open on this server? All heroics are open?
  4. Ajres

    Tank - druid or dk?

    Hi guys, im new on this server. Can someone advise me to exp dudu or dk as tank? Which class is more popular? Thx for answers.
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