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  1. shard

    <Risen> North American Gaming Community

    Bump for updated recruitment needs.
  2. shard

    <Risen> North American Gaming Community

    Updated original post to reflect current raid progress and recruitment needs. Looking for 1 warlock, 1 shadow priest, 1 elemental shaman, 1 balance druid, and 1 resto druid.
  3. shard

    <Risen> North American Gaming Community

    Bump, still looking for 1-2 warlocks, and also looking for 1 shadow priest, and 1 balance druid
  4. shard

    <Risen> North American Gaming Community

    We're still looking for 1-2 good warlocks!
  5. shard

    <Risen> North American Gaming Community

    Bump. Open recruitment for a warlock or two.
  6. Website: www.risencc.com Current Progress: All current content cleared; NA Alliance 1st Naxx 25 clear Timezone: USA Central Standard Time (CST) Raid Times: Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Sundays 8pm - 11pm CST Loot System: Loot Council Currently Recruiting: 1 warlock, 1 balance druid, 1 resto druid, 1 enhance/resto shaman, and 1 mage-- as well as any exceptional and dedicated players who are interested in joining an active, competitive gaming community About Us <Risen> originated several years ago as a group of people interested in playing on the Corecraft TBC server, but we got bored of waiting, and waiting, so a number of us decided to give somewhere else a shot. The Kronos guild was created mid-way through 2015, and since has become one of the most active and competitive NA communities out there! We were the first North American guild to clear AQ40, and Naxxramas. Kronos recently announced that they're opening a new vanilla server (K3) on March 31st, and we feel that this will unfortunately mean that K1, where we play, will immediately become a ghost town afterward. That's not something we're interested in sticking around to see so we decided it's time to move on to something new, and after evaluating potential destinations, we decided to come here! Things you can expect from our guild: -Strong foundation and guild structure -Experienced leadership -Active, competitive, and most importantly fun environment (we typically have 35-40 members online on offnights, while most other NA guilds have only 5-10) -Effective use of time during raids -Fairness and objectivity -Willingness to help each other, and teach newer players how to improve If it makes a difference to any of you, I am the former leader of one of the 23 US guilds (Validus of Mal'ganis) that were able to clear all vanilla content before TBC launched, and a former officer of <vodka>, a US guild that contended for world firsts for a number of years, and spent some of that time as the #1 US guild. I've spent quite a while leading extremely successful guilds, and promise to do the best I can to make Risen a great community to be a part of! During Wrath specifically, I took part in a number of top 2-3 US kills, along with US first Immortal run, and the US first Yogg kill, to just name a few. About You We're fairly open to giving pretty much anyone a shot, but ideally, we consider a good member to be someone who exhibits the following qualities: -Reliability (rarely misses a raid, and will give advance notice if he/she is forced to) -Loyalty (no people prone to guild-hopping please) -Competitive drive (you optimize everything you can possibly control to be #1 dps/healer/whatever) -Dedication (You understand that part of progress means wiping to a boss--and won't give up easily) -Positive attitude (toxic players who complain about everything and troll world chat, please stay far away) -Willingness, and drive to improve as a player (be able to ask for help when you need it) If that's the kind of person/player you are, then we'd love to hear from you! If you're interested in joining, or have questions, please visit our forum, and submit an app. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me in-game on Angrathar (I plan to name my main character either Shard or Wake) any time that I'm not busy.
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