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  1. About Unique Unique was created just before Ulduar release. Our core is a group of experienced and driven players who aim to down all content efficiently, while maintaining a laid back raid environment. While we expect players to take the initiative in learning their class and raid tactics and can provide a supportive environment in helping you achieve this. We are always looking for exceptional, vocal and enthusiastic players to join our core as we are struggling to find skilled consistent players to fill 25 mans completely. Our current progress is as follows Ulduar 10 man - 13/14 +4HM Flame Leviathan - Down +HM Ignis - Down Razorscale - Down XT - Down +HM Iron Council - Down + HM Kologarn - Down Aura - Down Mimiron - Down Freya - Down (Hard mode not yet attempted) Hodir - Down Thorim - Down +HM General Vez - Down (Hard mode not attempted) Yogg - Down (Hard mode not attempted) Ulduar 25 man - 12/14 No Hard Modes Have Been Attempted yet. Flame Levi - Down Ignis - Down Razorscale - Down XT - Down Iron Council - Down Kolo - Down Aura - Down Mimiron - Down Freya - Down Thorim - Down General Vez - Down Raid Schedule All times are server time. Tuesday 19:30-23:20. Ulduar 10 man + Hard Modes Thursday 19:30-23:30 Ulduar 25 man Sunday 19:30-23:30 Anything the guild needs. How Our Trial Works Before you apply it's worth telling you about our trial system. A trial with Unique will last at most 2 raids. We feel a single raid is enough to judge your ability and if we would like you to stay. We do however understand your first raid can sometimes be overwhelming with nerves etc. Therefore, if we feel you have potential to perform better - you will be invited to a second raid to show you belong with us. Loot Council We use loot council for our gear distribution. *Note, Loot will not be given to any trial unless all established raiders pass on the item. How to Apply If this sounds like a fit for you, we welcome all applications Here
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