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  1. PvE is much more time consuming and I think thats why there is a option to get rele gear for emblems. u cannot get wrathful gear by playing just PvE and u cannot get bis trinkiets from playing just PvP
  2. orrr just play some pve and try to drop the item like everyone else if u miss out on one aspect of the game, you miss out on the items. simple
  3. Damianok

    Angrathar - Important News

    atleast make the first transfer free due to already promising that it will be free... https://imgur.com/a/5C03nm3
  4. Damianok

    Appeal: Damianok (muted by Asureuz)

    Names : Damianok Punishment reason: speaking other language GM: Asureuz Summary: So as I wrote in my previous appeal I was muted for a couple of words in Polish for 7 days(litteraly not even 2 short sentences) it's the first time ever I heard someone getting muted for /say. Is there any chance for shortening it just so it can be a warning? It's not going to happen again as now I know that say is not allowed to be used in public places while speaking other language. But a change in the rules to add "Say also counts as a public/global chat" would also be nice. I would not like to be put in the same group of Polish people that break the rules really often. In addition if the reply is going to be "Polish people have higher punishments " I would like the gm to private chat me on forum so I can prove my British citizenship Thanks, Damianok
  5. Names : Damianok, Adelline, Tamaki (wrote by Damianok Punishment reason: speaking other language GM: Asureuz Summary: Hi, we have been muted for 7 days just because of saying a couple of words in Polish in /say Which is not highlighted as forbidden in the rules which are shown below (screenshot is in Polish bcuz it was easier to find for me... But the gm that muted me is Polish so it's ok) . Also /say chat is not even close to general/local defence/global which were on that rule and if it was this accident would never happen. In addition on the rules it says after the first time it should be 30mins. For me it's the second time and for both of my friends it's first so the punishment shouldn't be that long. Ty:)
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