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  1. xxbreakerxx

    brak lootu z bosa (od zulian tigera)

    Jesteś nobem i tyle biednemu zawsze wiatr w oczy....
  2. xxbreakerxx

    [mute] Watchmycoil

    [b]Character Watchmycoil:[b] [b]Punishment wrong language:[/b] [b]Game Master:Asureuz[/b] [b]Summary: At the beggining- some of this guys (i think that rogue) (we have been meet in the same pt some three times) made all the time vote to kick players to ''reduce the amount of competition to roll Horseman's mount'' That was rude, selfish and boorish, and yes i was nervous. Everyone of this guys come from Polish guilds, even this rogue (i think) and that message orginally should be sent on private to that rogue, not to everyone in party. I know the statute, and i always speak in global in english. I appeals to remove my mute, becouse i'am in full progressive guild, and today i couldnt roll/bid 3x biss items from TOGC 25 ( i have screenshot for that), and that was accidental mistake with speaking in /p. Next time i will not act under the influence of emotions and i'am gonna try to whisp more carefully.
  3. xxbreakerxx

    [mute] Watchmycoil

    [b]Character Name: Watchmycoil[b] [b]Punishment Reason:English Please[/b] [b]Game Master: Piootrek[/b] <- I think so, i'am not sure. [b]Summary: got muted for 7 DAYS for asking in the global in another language. I'd to apologize for it. It's my first offense, and the last one.
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