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  1. Hi all. I lf people which interesting to do kara raid in weekdays. Raids will be starting between 8-10 AM ST. What day? It will all depends what most people will prefer. In this moment i need all clases. If you are interesting pls write here or join discord channel : https://discord.gg/m6mgP56 and write here what you prefer : hours or raid start, days raiding, and what class you will play. Regards Moonylight
  2. Wlecome. We are Oceanics Eleven and we are looking for new members. We have people ready for Ulduar and also people who exp their characters. Most of us are form Australia but we have people from Europe also. Oceanics Eleven is the only Australia Alliance guild Chilled, Friendly We are looking for all spec, fresh 80 and also people who exp their char. Raids 11 am serwer time In game for invite: Moonylight, Haleh, or any member Regards.
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